My Regular Splinterlands Gameplay. Completed a Water Quest.


Hey Guys.

How are you all?

I'll share a gameplay video of mine while I was playing splinterlands. It's not a gameplay that I've played under some specific ruleset. It's just a video of me randomly playing splinterlands in my daily life. I play those matches to get dec as a winning reward, check my new cards, and also for checking any new lineup/strategy. I also play random matches daily to complete my daily quests and also to push my rank farther ahead and get more rewards at the end of every season. And in this video, I've played some matches randomly and I'd like to share them with you guys.

This gameplay is to join the weekly share your battle contest arranged by splinterlands. And to join this contest I'm also sharing this post on my both Twitter and Facebook accounts and the video is already been uploaded on my YouTube channel. You can also join splinterlands using my referral link. I'll put both the referral link and the contest link at the end of my post, in case you feel interested to join.

My Gameplay Video:

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