My Hive progress: Target still in reach!


Since I did restart my sportsbetting adventure I am more consistent in writing posts on the Hive Blockchain. Too bad, there aren't many people interested in sportsbetting on Hive, but that aside, it does help to reach my 10K HP target. My dream is to reach this target before the year is over.

Too bad, this target can't be reached by writing post or curating alone.

This is clearly visible above. In the past 30 days, I did earn 52.8 HP for writing and 65.952 HP with curating. With around 45 days left in the year, it is obvious that I do need some investment to reach. I do try to convert some other crypto earnings in to Hive on a weekly/monthly basis. This of course does have a snowball effect. The HP I have, the more curation rewards I earn.

I do expect to earn around 100 HP with curating in the remainder of the year. Post earning will vary but that will also be close to 100.
Currently I am at 9236 HP, but started the year with only 3960. So, my power has more than doubled up.


764 HP needed. With exactly 45 days left in the year, my account would have to grow with 16.6 HP per day. No idea how I could achieve that with sportsbetting related content. But I do have hope that my other investment will give me the opportunity to reach my goal.
After that, I will stop with investing other crypto in Hive. I could use my HBD and convert that into Hive, which would slowly push my a little but closer to the goal. While I do want to do this, I do think that somewhere in the mid of December I will make the decision if this is an option I should consider.

I also could use some om my DEC to bring me closer to the target. That is worth around 60 to 65 HP. Another option I could use, but not yet.

I do have to remind myself that this is marathon and not a race. Of course a great post could give me a push in the back. And maybe I can find such a post somewhere in my sleeve. But with all the things going on in my real life, I doubt it that this will happen.
So, I will just stick to the sportsbetting posts, which doesn't require a lot of my energy, but are time consuming. But those post do help me with my betting plan.

Looks that I am starting to run in circles with this post. To summarize: the goal is within reach. And as long as something is within reach, one should do it's best to reach the goal.

I do have to admit that I am surprised how well my Splinterlands deck is keeping up within this crypto winter. If this crypto winter does continue value of my deck will be bigger than the value of my crypto portfolio. Never imagines this. Without a doubt my best crypto investment ever!

Have a great day!

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