SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! -- Magi Necrosi

Chaos Legion has many new heroes with great skills
Magi Necrosi is one of Chaos Legion Series cards with exceptional skills
and when a card like this comes in weekly challenge ,it is very hard for me not to make a post about it

Magi Necrosi.jpg

Magi Necrosi is a Death's Splinter Epic card
it is a magic attack monster and extremely fast.. it has 4 agility points even from lvl 1
its epic rarity can be explained by its 2 unique abilities which also come from lvl 1
'snipe' and 'camouflage'
it is a pure assassin for any back line support monster and has caused trouble to me many times when i had to face it as an opponent
at lvl 4 it gets Oppress ability while at lvl 6 the Stun ability which makes it even more valuable to your team
lets take a look at its stats



you can click on the following link to see my battle where i used Magi Necrosi

Magi Necrosi's battle


as i have stated in older posts we cannot win every time
this doesn't mean though that the battle was meaningless or it was a complete disaster
this is what exactly happened in the following battle
i actually lost the fight but i enjoyed it very much and i believe i did everything correct with the given monsters
i lost the game cause the opponent had upgraded monsters and the outcome would have been different even if i had just a bit stronger deck
my rival won just by one hit difference ,and i'm really proud of my team!
it was a medium size 27 mana points battle, we could only choose from 3 Splinters life,death and dragons
i found it wise to get the death splinter and especially i was eager to play with Mimosa as a summoner
i wanted to make sure that in case my opponent would have picked healers in his team to become totally useless


Mimosa Nightshade is really a great lady and her powers can affect and change the outcome of the whole battle
pretty expensive at the market , she is trading for about 40$ by the time writing this post
i do not own this card,but a good friend of mine has delegated this treasure to me so i can use her in action anytime i want
it is on my schedule though to buy this summoner

i wanted my team to be fast and this is the main reason i picked Magi Necrosi
this monster-card combines decent speed and attack power
i couldn't use its snipe ability though due to the rule-set but i believed this would not be the case in the battle
i never expected my opponent to get monsters with reflection so as you understand when both teams revealed on the battlefield and i realized that my rival had picked 2 monsters with reflection my expectations dropped a lot
anyway i was really anxious to see how the battle was going to develop and trust me guys , watch the is really good
in the first place i got Cursed Windeku in which i put a lot of hope but didn't work as expected
it was not Windeku's fault of course but as i said the two rival monsters reflection ability did the job
in second and third place i got the two zero mana monsters
in fourth place i picked Phantom Soldier a card which can be consider as a tank in some cases but most times its role is support
Magi Necrosi filled the last place on the field

  • gold foil Cursed Windeku lvl 2
  • Corpse Fiend lvl 1
  • gold foil Furious Chicken lvl 2
  • Phantom Soldier lvl 1
  • Magi Necrosi lvl 1

corpse-fiend130.jpg | chicken 130.jpg | phantomsoldier130.jpg | necrosi130.jpg



the battle was incredible
yes i lost the match but it was a great fight and my monsters fought perfectly till the end
the opponent was stronger , he played his monsters wisely so he deserved to win
if i was just a click more lucky and i had succeed a miss attack lets say, the battle would have been mine
no problem at is Splinterlands after all!!


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