SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! -- Spirit Hoarder

Spirit Hoarder is one of the cards i never liked
a Chaos Legion Monster with no obvious usability to my eyes at first sight
but i was so wrong...this Legendary card had a lot of tricks hidden in its sleeves ,actually there are no sleeves but we are talking about a hoarder so it make sense this monster to keep things you would never think about

Spirit Hoarder.jpg

i kept this card out of my collection for at least 6 months from the time it was introduced to the game with Chaos Legion series
i never thought i was going to buy this monster cause i believed it was useless and could not be part of my deck
of course all of this came to an end when a friend of mine delegated the card to me and i used the Hoarder in some battles
i realized its true power and its magnificent skills, and from that day and on i respected the monster as a true warrior and nothing less
lets see the statistics of the card in the following board


Dispel ability i won't say is very useful for the league i'm playing in but the Blind ability on lvl 3 is really useful especially when it is in combo with the Flying or the Dodge ability


you can click on the following link to see my battle where i used the Spirit Hoarder

..Spirit Hoarder's battle


the battle was challenging
28 mana points cap were not so many in order for me to choose a competitive team
i know my deck and the level of my league , i'm playing in GOLD 2 , is very difficult for a bronze-silver deck
so i need high mana cap battles in order to use stronger legendary or epic monsters ,when the battles are low or medium mana i face great difficulties
this battle was not only a medium mana cap battle but also one of the rules was Silenced Summoners so i had another great difficulty to deal with
when i checked on my opponent in pre-battle stage i couldn't figure out with what he was going to fight me so my team pick was totally in random

i thought it would be better to play with a team i feel comfortable with, i didn't want to risk any new strategies
so i decided to go with the water splinter
Xia Seachan was the leader of the team as i didn't want to spend extra mana for a Summoner who would be Silenced
Xia costs only 2 points of mana so i was left with 26 points to built the rest of the team


Xia Seachan was introduced back in the day when beta edition was live
she has no abilities to offer to her team but she is the lowest mana consumption Summoner so she helps a lot in low mana cap battles plus as you understand she is very useful in Silenced Summoners rule

she is not so cheap though in case you wanna acquire her as she is trading right now for about $6.6 in the market..rather expensive i would say but if you consider that during the bull-run there was a copy of her which was sold for $420 then maybe you'll change your mind about what is cheap and what is expensive


now the rest of the team-built was a combination of magic attack monsters cause this is what made me feel safer to play with
nothing extraordinary, nothing catchy...just common sense in a fight with an unpredictable opponent
i got Oshannus in first place as a tank, his Void ability is always handy
in second place Furious Chicken just to absorb any side damage
in third place i got Ruler of the Seas, his blast ability is a powerful ability and it might be even more lethal in conjunction with the scattershot ability which was provided by the battle ruleset
the fourth place was perfect for Venari Wavesmith, i thought his armor ability would be very useful
Spirit Hoarder was placed in the fifth spot while in the last place i got the notorious Medusa

Spirit Hoarder was a MUST for me in this battle cause his triage ability would be an important boost in my monsters health...the key-reason for that was the scattershot rule as mentioned above..if any of my back-line monsters was going to receive damage because of the scattershot rule i wanted to get healed from the Hoarder
of course when the battle comes to that point you always need luck cause you never know where a scattershot will be landed during the battle and if any of your plans will eventually matter

  • gold foil Djinn Oshannus lvl 1
  • gold foil Furious Chicken lvl 1
  • Ruler of the Seas lvl 1
  • Venari Wavesmith lvl 1
  • gold foil Spirit Hoarder lvl 1
  • gold foil Medusa lvl 1

chicken 130.jpg | ruler of the seas 130.jpg | wavesmith130.jpg | hoarder130.jpg | medusa130 lvl 1.jpg



i cannot complain the battle developed as expected
Hoarder did his job and really helped the team to win the fight
i was a bit intimidated at the beginning as my opponent got the Kraken as a tank but during the battle this beast could not survive my attacks
very nice battle ,the rewards of which were pretty satisfying


Get on board by clicking this link it is never too late to start playing



awesome lineup!



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