Splinterlands - Fighting against stronger opponents #3

fighting against stronger opponents is something common to all players in Splinterlands world..
especially when you play with a low lvl deck in a higher lvl league then most of the fights you get is against mightier rivals
my main issue when i fight a stronger player is the disadvantage you get with the speed stats on your cards
what i mean is that, lets say, a 2 speed point ,lvl 1 card is weaker against a 2 speed point lvl 4 card when it comes to miss attacks
according to the speed lvl of the cards ,normally there should not be a difference in the probability of getting a miss attack as both cards have the same speed lvl
but as it seems the game is designed in a way that the card which is upgraded even though it has the same speed lvl with the lower card it gets an advantage in miss attacks

splinterlands battling 2.jpg

i don't know if you have noticed that but i'm getting furious when i suffer this inequity in my battles
most of the times i'm getting rivals which are stronger than me cause i play in higher leagues with not an upgraded deck and i have to face not only their upgraded skills but also this injustice with the miss attacks
i believe that game mechanics should be a different thing and putting money in the game to upgrade your deck another thing
when you give bonus in an upgraded card against a lower upgraded one in the miss probability ( of course when the speed lvl is the same in both cards ) this consists a violation in the game itself

of course many of you may have a different opinion and probably you don't agree with me but this is what i feel about the game and this is what i believe is happening..
anyway i just want to display two battles of mine where my opponents had a critical advantage considering the money they have put in the game to upgrade their decks against mine


you can watch the first battle by clicking this link


when you see the teams you can very easily understand that my opponent has invested much more money in his deck but the way he handled this fight was totally wrong
i decided to get Yodin as a Summoner as i had 56 mana points to use and i did something smart as well .. i got in the last position Ferox Defender, an extremely important card imo, this Fire monster has the armor ability from lvl 1 ,it is expensive in mana points but it has great stats and in battles like the one i am talking about where Magic attack monsters are forbidden by the ruleset it is very very handy
when i saw i was playing against a lvl 3 Kitty i got a bit discouraged ( don't forget we are talking about a $ 2150 in current price card ) but when i got a second look on my opponent's team structure i knew i could destroy him
during the second round everything was clear that it will be a clear victory for my team and i was really happy about it cause when you destroy someone who holds a 2000$ Summoner this gives you great satisfaction
watch the battle you will enjoy it



you can watch the second battle by clicking this link


this is a great battle , you can see again the difference in the money spent to built the teams
a lvl 5 Mortalis against a lvl 1 Mylor
great strategy again
i knew i had no chance against my opponent if i was going on an open battle against him
i had to play in a different style
the ruleset was allowing only melee attack monsters so i decided to get Mylor who provided the thorns ability to the whole team
i also picked the disintegrator to reduce my rival's attack power, and i got monsters with the shield ability to get some more durability
the battle went just as planned, although i could not harm my opponent cause my rival's tank had also shield and my attack was reduced down to 1 point due to Mortalis, the thorns ability did all the job
it was a long long battle, it took me 18 rounds to win this but from the 3rd round everything was clear that my opponent had no chance to get me



playing against more expensive decks always is fun
you test your skills and when you win definitely you get the moral satisfaction but in conclusion you must understand that it is very difficult to fight stronger opponents and most of the times you will lose
the system of ranked battles has recently changed
for every battle you spend 1 energy point and there are not many of them around as you get only 1 point per hour ...unless of course you wanna pay and reset your 50 points
so battling is a bit difficult nowadays for weak decks
you don't have the luxury to lose a lot cause winning or losing the energy point will be gone anyway
so i believe it is crucial now to start building and upgrading your decks
yes i know this will upset a lot of users out there but it is a fact
you have to upgrade your decks or you may choose to stay in low level leagues, meaning bronze and silver
but there is no way a bronze or a silver level deck to play and compete in gold or diamond league anymore
the choice is yours i can only wish you happy battling
hope you enjoyed the above battles as much as me!

Get on board by clicking this link it is never too late to start playing



The summoners and leveled-up cards are important and that is why I decided to stay in the Silver league. It just doesn't seem worth the struggle that I would have to put up in the higher leagues and the lower win rate.

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every user has a different strategy and every user seeks something different from the game
..if you are a competitive player you want more difficult fights with stronger opponents....at least this is how i feel.....with the new system i don't have this opportunity any more
of course i can always pay and reset my energy points but i don't feel like paying for my energy ...
so in order to keep my winning rate at a decent level i have to upgrade my deck...
the other option , as you say, to stay in the silver league doesn't seem too lucrative to me...the level of players is not so good in this category...i'm talking of course about the majority of the silver league users
so i'd rather try to upgrade my deck in order to get up in the leagues to find more difficult opponents and keep my winning rate as well


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