The Three Musketeers in Splinterlands Universe ... DEC -- SPS -- SPT


i believe the title of this article is a bit incomplete
we have the 3 Musketeers DEC , SPS and SPT but we are missing D'artagnan
actually we are not missing D'artagnan as we have MERIT up for his role but i think MERIT is a bit neglected for now by the community


''ALL FOR ONE ,AND ONE FOR ALL.... united we stand, divided we fall''
this all-time great motto has absolutely a perfect match for our Splinterlands tokenomics
these three coins interact each other in a spectacular way and the course of one affects the course of the other in a great percentage!
according to @aggroed 's post, few days ago we hit 1.000.000 registrations
well...yes ,it's a lot
but do they all now what is going on with Splinterlands' internal coins?
i'm positive they don't, and most probably many of them are a bit confused

DEC or SPS..... SPS or SPT...what is the difference between SPS and SPT, for sure it is not that they end in a different letter...and now what?...MERIT?...what is this? we cannot trade it, so forget about it!

Guys relax! i've been there believe me ,it is not so dizzy ,you just need to organize them and you will understand perfect what is the role of each one of them
let's try to break them down...


portH (2)wer-hagri.jpg

first in the line DEC !
DEC is the backbone of the game
you play ranked battles, you win DEC
you want to buy a monster-card from the market you use DEC
it is the ingame token,very flexible easy to use ,easy to understand, easy to trade it in HIVE-ENGINE exchange

DEC used to be pegged
1000 DEC equal to $1

but forget about this rate, things have changed and by the time writing this post it reaches 1 DEC to $0.015 !!! we have to follow the flow, nobody can complain about it and all of us are smilling

make no mistake!!
DEC is only tradable in HIVE-ENGINE exchange and no-where else (at the moment)
another great advantage of this coin is that it holds a great airdrop value for its 'brother' SPS
1 DEC is equal to 1 airdrop point and if you hold it in a liquidity pool 1 DEC holds 2 airdrop points!

what is the future of DEC ? ...well i'm not the one who can answer this question
i have no clue about it and the only thing i know is that 10 days ago it was trading for $0.005 and now it jumped to $0.015
do your own research and get to your own conclusions about it!


second in line SPS !
Splintershards (SPS) is the official governance token of Splinterlands
you own SPS ,you have the right to vote in the community, you have a voice in the community
SPS is the crown of the game and will give you permission in many rewards and access to special promotions in future

according to my opinion it is the most valuable token as it is tradable in many external exchanges as and Hotbit
of course everybody's dream is to see SPS listed in BINANCE but this not our issue for now, we will deal with it when the time comes
as of now you may want to stake some SPS as you're getting daily interest on the amount staked plus don't forget that SPS is gonna be airdropped for 280 days more according to your Splinterlands assets so grab the chance to acquire as much as you can ,now that you can!

athos12 (1)E-HT.jpg

third in line SPT
the Splintertalk community token

SPT was very much devalued since recently
it was trading for $0.0002 and noone was paying attention to this treasure-coin
but this changed the past months
SPT hit almost $0.02 and gained respect in the whole community
it holds a power of 0.25 airdrop points per token and according to my opinion secret powers that have not yet been revealed !
as i always say
the secret lies in SPT , i'm trying to acquire as much of it as i can and i stake everything
nothing is for sale

so three coins like the three Musketeers interact each other , support each other and stay strong each other
if you are involved in Splinterlands my advice is to keep all three coins in your wallets
you will need it plus you will get value on them through time
i have that feeling Splinterlands has not shown its true power yet
we have still the Lands Expansion to come which will change the game totally so keep staking your coins and prepare yourself for a life changing experience

but wait
did i forget D'artagnan???


MERIT token? what about it?
well guys this is not a tradable coin...
it is an internal token , a reward for your brawls performance but with MERITs you can buy Gladius Packs and gain Gladiators
these Gladiators are bound to your account for ever
yes maybe you cannot trade,trasfer or rent them but you can always burn them for some DEC ( which i don't recommend ) and they add to your collection power of your deck
Collection Power is vital for your activities in the game so as you understand MERITs are very much worthy as you can use them to built your CP for ever


that's all folks, i hope i didn't overloaded you with information
i just wanted to entertain you while updating you about the game coin-structure
always DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before any move of yours as everything said above is my own thoughts and beliefs and not financial advices!
hope you had fun
wish you the best ingame
long live Splinterlands!!!

Get on board by clicking this link it is never too late to start playing


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Splinterlands realm is one for courageous musketeers and we see so many use cases that simply will ensure the pillars for a healthy economy.

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hope so and believe so !!!