Splinterlands - Battle Mage Secrets - Armored Up Edition



Hello hello! Welcome back to another Battle Mage Secret! As every week, we are discussing and discovering new strategies to play this game. This time around we are going into battle with the Armored Up Ruleset. We will be briefly talking about the Ruleset itself, talk about the strategy and which units to use and last but not least talk through the battle that we were battling. With that being said, let’s jump straight into the article!

Armored Up Strategy!

First things first, let’s discuss the actual Ruleset. We are battling within the Armored Up Ruleset which means that all units on the field will have an additional 2 armor. This is good on one side because our unit get extra protection but on the other side it is bad because we need to go through an additional two armor in order defeat the units, or don’t we? Well, there are certain strategies that we can play here.

The first one being, getting support unit that actually reduces the opponent’s armor. Those units are in the game but are not very often used. The simple explanation is that there are a few other strategies that can lead us to victory. Another very popular choice with this specific ruleset is the to play as many Thorns monsters as possible. This way you are capitalizing on the additional armor with more damage. But there is a much easier way to come to victory here. This is by simply using magic attackers that deal enough damage to delete entire teams. Since Magic attackers overgo the armor completely, it does not matter how much armor the opponent’s unit has (except it has Void Armor).


Chosen Units

Well with the strategy outlined, let’s talk about the actually used units. With that being said, it is important to mention that we only have 16 mana to spend on monsters that can do some serious damage. I decided to go with the following three since it seemed like they would give me the best possible chance to win. First up, we have Queen Mycelia. She is one of my all time favorites due to the fact that she also provides our units an additional 2 armor. On top of that she is a magic attacker and gets her attack buffed up to 2.

Furthermore, we have Regal Peryton which is a great card overall. With 6 speed and additionally the flying ability this card is not only usable the Magic Buffer Obsidian but also in other occasions as well. The fact that it has the Flying Ability paired with the Flying make is a very great combination to miss every hot you take at this thing. 5 health is also not completely bad, considering that we also have additional 4 armor at the moment.

Last but not least, we had a decision to make: Are we filling out our board with useless units that are there for buffer, or a we adding a third magic monster to the mix in order to give our team the most possible attack possible. I think this choice was the correct one in the end since our enemy had a very similar team with very similar cards. Well, Djinn Biljka is a very solid card for just 3 mana and with 2 attack, which gets increased to 3, is an absolute great card to play in these situations.

Bild2.png Bild3.png Bild4.png

Example Battle

Now that we talked about the strategy and the team, let’s take a look on how the team is doing in an actual battle. First and foremost, we need to talk about our opponent’s team. It is structured as you would imagine it: With a good mix of different monsters and very little magic attackers I guess he is still in the learning phase. Anyways, he chose the Thorns strategy which seemed like a good choice but after this battle he will hopefully realized that there are other more effective strategies out there. We managed to defeat him in relatively short amount of time and were successful due to our Magic attack strategy.



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