Splinterlands - Battle Mage Secrets - Explosive Weaponry Edition!



Another week another Secret to reveal! In this episode, we are taking on the challenge of the Explosive Weaponry. It is one of my favorite Rulesets because there are just so many ways to get an advantage in this one. Whether we will try to limit our opponent or whether you are just putting out maximum damage, there are a lot of creative ways to win here. We will quickly go over the actual ruleset, afterwards talk about the strategy that we chose in this particular battle and las but not least take a look at the glorious battle itself. With that being said, let’s get started!

Explosive Ruleset

First things first, we need to talk about the Explosive Weaponry Ruleset. It is pretty easy explained. Every unit on the field gets the Blast ability which means that half of their damage will be dealt to the units next to its target. This allows a lot of different ways of harming people and that is also what we are going to investigate here.


Keep in mind that the blasted damage also keeps the general attribute of the attacking type. This means that if the attacker is a magic one, the blast damage will also be magic. This means that this particular damage is not including armor and goes directly to the hearth of the minion. Seems very overpowered and it is! On top of that there possibilities of steering your opponents attacks with the taunt Ability as well as protecting your minions with additional armor. This is what we will touch on in the next section.

General Strategy & Cards

First of all we are going to protect all of our units with some additional armor. With the dragon summoner who grants us one additional armor point as well as Queen Mycelia we are gaining a total of 3 extra armor. This should give us enough protection against Melee and Ranged attackers for now. On the positive side, it will increase the lifetime of our units and allow us therefore to deal a bit more damage if considered over the whole battle.

With Regal Peryton we have another Magic attacker with a lot of speed and the perk of doing damage straight to the units health. Especially the high speed value helps this card to attack first and therefore have the chance to eliminate an opponent’s unit before it can attack in this turn.

Bild1.png Bild2.png

Another aspect to this ruleset is the number of attacks that we are given. Wouldn’t it be better to have more attacks in order to profit more from the Explosive Element? Well for that, we can utilize the Double Strike Ability of Dhampir Infiltrator. With the second attack we are basically doubling the damage done by this card in this turn which brings an amazing advantage later on! Furthermore, we can use the Void Dragon for the same reason that we are using Regal Peryton! With the high Speed and the good amount of health this card is just a beast!

Bild4.png Bild5.png

Example Battle

With the general idea of the strategy, let’s jump straight into the battle. The first thing that we can notice is that our opponent chose a very Melee heavy team which plays into our strategy with the Armor. Furthermore, we can see that he chose the summoner with the Scatter Shot Ability. In general a very good idea with the Explosive ruleset because it than can hit more minions in general. Unfortunately for him, he only chose one minion that had a Ranged attack Ability which threw his whole operation out of the window. Attacking wise it seems to be a very close battle but on the second thought we managed to get rid of most of his damage thanks to our armor! In the end the win was very comfortable!



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On 4th June 2023