Splinterlands - Battle Mage Secrets - Odd Ones Out Edition!



In this weeks Battle Mage secret, we are trying to win a game of Odd Ones Out. In my opinion a task that is doable if you have the right cards in your deck. In this post we will discuss what it takes to win this challenge, what cards we were using to win our portion of this challenge and last but not least look also at an example battle. With that being said, let’s jump straight into this challenge!

Odd Ones Out Ruleset

Lets start off with the actual ruleset itself: Odd Ones Out. While there might be a lot of outcasts in the Splinterlands Universe, this ruleset is not talking about those. It is much simpler than that, we are only allowed to use cards with an odd mana cost. Unfortunately, this also means that 0 mana cost cards are not allowed, which is not very mathematical in my opinion but who am I to judge. Anyways, it is important to always have a good balance in your decks and these ruleset are the reason why.


Cards & Strategy

Now that we briefly talked about the actual ruleset, let’s discuss our strategy here. The first question should be: Where do we have the most and best odd mana cost cards? In our case it was a simple choice since we only had the selection between Life and Earth. In earth we definitely had more cards to choose from which is why we went this way! On top of that we get the boost for magic attackers which is always nice to have.

With that being said, our main attackers will be Magic attackers in this one. With Regal Peryton we have one of our favorites in our team. With 3 boosted magic attack, 6 speed and 5 health as well as the flying ability this card is always worth its while and since we are not having too much mana to spend we chose the other two magic attackers to be Djinn Biljka and Spirit Hoarder. Both are costing us only 3 mana and bring another 5 magic attack to the table. This makes 6 magic attack in total which is very formidable for only 11 mana spent!

Bild2.png Bild3.png Bild4.png

Since we still have some mana left to spent I chose the root of boosting! Since the latest expansion there is way to reward correct placement of cards and actual sacrifices. This is why the Earth Splitner is actually good for this challenge because it has the Fungus Flinger. While it is a Ranged attacker it has the Martyr Ability. This means that whenever this card dies it will boost adjacent minions and make them stronger! With 4 health it can also take some hits before passing away here. Well, and then there is the Venari Marksrat which is the exact same card only for everyone. This means that we have ultimately the same card twice on the filed, we just need to place them correctly. The main idea behind these two cards is to boost our Regal Peryton and then our Djinn in order to make them stronger and achieve even more damage to our opponent!

Bild5.png Bild6.png

Example Battles

Now that we outlined our plan, let’s see how well we will be doing in an actual battle. We matched a very similar opponent with e only difference that he chose the Mycelic Slipspawn for 9 mana instead of 3 cards for 3 mana like we did. Yes in total he might have gotten a bit more health on one card but in the grand total we would be able to surpass him! We would be doing 12 damage per turn on average while he is only doing 7. Furthermore, we have more targets that will also boost each other once they fall, while on his side he only has the Trinage effect of Spirit Hoarder that helps him to recover some health. Well, our win was really inevitable and shows the strong influence of the Martyr effect as well as why it is important to have as many units on the field as possible!



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On 10th September 2023