Splinterlands - Battle Mage Secrets - Toxic Fumes Edition!



Another week, another challenge to conquer! In this week’s episode we are trying to win a game in the most toxic environment ever: Noxious Fumes. We will talk about the strategy that we will be following in this battle and what units we used in order to win the upcoming battle. Last but not least, we will take a look at the mentioned example battle and try to understand which strategy was doing better. With that being said, let’s get started!

Toxic Fumes Ruleset!

First things first, let’s talk about the actual ruleset. In this specific episode, we are talking about the Toxic Fumes that basically poison every unit on the field. This means that each turn, they will lose 2 health points which will make the battle very much quicker than usual. The only cards that can escape this fate are only cards with Immunity or if they get healed by a separate card. And this is where the strategy comes into play!


Strategy & Units

The strategy is rather simple in my opinion. Keep your best cards out of trouble until they are the ones who need to battle. With best cards I actually mean the ones with the Immunity ability and there are two cards that I want to mention here: Frist one is the forgotten one. While the fire Splinter is not only beneficial due to the increase of health points we can get an easy level one card with the Immunity ability. On the other hand, there is the Death Splinter with Harklaw that gets this ability on level 2 and has additionally to that the Shield ability. It is up to you what card you want to use as your main card here, but I am preferring the Frie Splinter since the threshold of using it, is lower. Both cards are exceptional tanks and will do very well in the end of the game against the other tank if everything was played right.

Bild2.png Bild3.png

Then let’s move on to the hearth of this strategy: The Martyr cards! As we already know, the ruleset will remove health to every card on the field each turn. This means that cards will fall without even being touched in some cases. Continuing this thought process would mean that Martyr Cards could boost adjacent minions whenever they are defeated. And do we have units that need some boosting? Yes! The very same units that we just talked about that are actually immune against the ruleset! So just place these boosters next to our main cards in the middle of the team and pack them in with the rest of your team.

Bild4.png Bild5.png

So what should we fill the rest of our team with? Well, it is always smart to have some additional attackers with a good amount of health in order to get an advantage in the late game. The worst thing that can happen is that the opponent still has 3 or 4 units that can attack our final unit. This is definitely something we want to avoid. With this being said, a tank with the Shield Ability and some Sneak attackers did not harm any team so far which is why we throw in one of our most used cards here: Tenyii Striker! As a Tank we can use the Antoid Platoon that can at least absorb a few attacks before going down.

Bild6.png Bild7.png

Example Battle

Now with the strategy out of the way, let’s see how our strategy is actually doing in battle. Our opponent chose a very similar strategy like us. He packed the forgotten one into the middle of his team in order to gain time and make some damage to our units. Furthermore, he decided to do some damage with a Sneak attacker. All in all very similar strategies with the only big difference, that we had our Martyr card! With this being said, we did not have any problems winning this battle due to the fact that we were able to boost our cards very strategically. In the end the better strategy simply won!



Published by ga38jem on
On 2nd September 2023