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Are you new to Splinterlands and searching for some advice, then you found the correct series! In this Beginner’s Guide Series, we are discussing things that new players of Splinterlands should know or try to learn. In this specific episode we will take a look at the new reward prices. We will try to highlight what has changed and what it will mean for us and the in-game assets going forward. Furthermore, we will take a look on the consequences and I will also discuss how I am planning to approach the current situation. With that being said, if this article motivated you to start playing this amazing game, then feel free to join the fun over the following link:

New Reward System

Form today on there was a big change in the Splinterlands game how we know it. From this day on the DEC battle and Chest rewards are gone! They are now substituted by the new Sheriff in town: SPS. From now on every battle that you win will be rewarded with SPS. Furthermore, you are now having the chance of getting SPS in your daily as well as season reward chest.

In total there will be a total of 3.75 million SPS token given out each season. They are almost equally divided between the daily chests, season chests as well as the two battle formats of wild and modern. This means that each month there will be 7.5 million SPS token given out. This is definitely less than the 30 million that were given out each month during the airdrop. But still a very high amount if you also consider the staking rewards as well.

Nevertheless, I think it is a great change. Not only are these SPS only claimable as staked rewards, they are also giving more purpose for SPS to be in the game. This means that all of these tokens that you are getting as reward, you would have to wait theoretically 4 weeks until you can use them in liquid form. But what about DEC? Are they now gone from the game? No, not really. This in-game token can still be acquired if you are willing to trade some SPS in. This way DEC will lose a lot of supply and might reach its peg of 1000 DEC per 1 USD which was always the goal.

Any Consequences?

But are there any consequences to this change? Well, let’s talk about the obvious before we try to conclude some secondary effects. The DEC price is definitely go up! As basic economy dictates. If the demand for a good is staying constant but the supply radically shrink, the price goes up. This is why we are seeing a 20% uptrend in the DEC daily.

Not only that but I noticed also a steady increase of the card values on the market. For example: While the cheapest legendary cards were closely under 1 USD, they are now well over 20 cents above 1 USD. Furthermore, the summoners have gained almost 50% in their prices, which is probably a side effect of the DEC price pumping. This will definitely make it harder to acquire new cards quicker.

On the other side, it seems like we are getting more Dollar value through the SPS rewards. While in the past I was getting around 10 DEC per win in Gold 3 I am now getting around 0.35 SPS. This translates to 0.005 USD against almost 0.02 USD which is almost a 4 times increase in my particular example. Other players might have better results and I would say that it varies from person to person. But the general point is that the rewards are definitely increased which probably also the reason why the card prices increased.

Last but not least, I figured that the rental market might be a great place to earn some additional DEC since it is getting more expensive now. I have not been following the rental market very closely but I can say that the rental prices are still very low. This might be also the case because we are still early in the season but it will be interesting to see how the rental market will react to these changes.

My Plan Going Forward

Now that we know what changed, what is my strategy going forward? My short-term goal was it to reach 3k SPS. I know that is not much if compared to the other players that are swirling around here, but I am also not able to put too much money into the game unfortunately. Nevertheless, my long term goal until the end of the year is to reach around 5k SPS which is now more easily achievable. I am now able to earn between 5-10 SPS per day, depending on my win rate and my luck in the daily chests.

For now, I am planning to stake all of the SPS as this also increases my stake rewards as well as the Vouchers that I am getting every day. These Vouchers will be important in the near future when the new expansion of Riftwatchers is coming out. I am very excited for the new cards and definitely planning on acquiring some of the new overpowered cards.

Regarding the rentals, I am currently renting out every card that I am not using and will not benefit me in my collection Power. Currently I am renting out around 3,5k CP which is not much but I am able to collect around 10 DEC per day with this rate. In further sight, this will defiantly add up and give me the opportunity to improve my deck.

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From this day on the DEC battle and Chest rewards are gone!

Does it mean focus chests will be out? Only the Season chest?