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Are you new to Splinterlands and searching for some advice, then you found the correct series! In this Beginner’s Guide Series, we are discussing things that new players of Splinterlands should know or try to learn. In this specific episode we will talk the current asset situation in Splinterlands. I want to break down which assets there are generally in the game, as there are so many of them. Furthermore, I will try to figure out which ones are the better ones since all of them have their pros and cons. Last but not least we will take a look at some examples of the assets that will be the best ones for the future in my opinion. With that being said, if this article motivated you to start playing this amazing game, then feel free to join the fun over the following link:


Current Assets & Situation

Let’s start off with a quick overview of the different assets in Splinterlands. For starters there are the different currencies. There are Credits who are not tradable. You can only obtain them by trading real world Fiat money against it and it will help you to start off with the game. In my opinion this is a great stable asset that you can always use to boost your account with but nothing really more. Furthermore, we have the two crypto currencies in this game. The first one being Dark Energy Crystals or DEC. A few months ago, this asset was the leading one in this game. It was awarded for battle wins and was also the main way to trade. It was originally designed to be worth around a thousandths of a USD but as always in the crypto space this peg is not really valid at the moment. But this also means that in game purchases like packs that are valued at 4 USD can be obtain with 4k DEC which also means that you are getting them for a discount!

Last but not least we have SPS. Many people are staking this valuable asset and it is now a reward for battle wins as well as brawl participation. At the moment I would say that in terms of crypto tokens, this one might be the dominating force inside the game. The problem with that is that SPS is losing a lot of value of the moment. Now, I admit that most of the crypto projects have lost almost all of their value but if we look in terms of the value inside the game SPS seems to lose it there as well. While you can stake it and earn some great yield on it, there is also the way of trading it back to DEC and purchasing cards with it which is also a great way to build up your assets. Last but not least I want to mention DEC-2 very briefly. It was recently proposed but I had not really time looking into it and it also seems like that there is no clear certainty on how this coin should look like. In any ways, I find it a little strange to introduce another Token into the game, but I am trying to stay open minded about this one.

Next up we have all of the different in-game items. Upfront we have the plots of land that are slowly being introduced. At the moment they are at their all time lows at around 120 USD per plot. It is promised to be able to generate some great in game items with this kind of asset and I think this one has great potential of becoming a very great investment. I truly believe that if this game gains more popularity, the plots will raise interest as well and be an unbelievable important part of the game. As for now I am waiting for the markets to unfold a bit more as I think that this technology is not finished developing. But I will definitely consider buying a plot of land in the close future.

Furthermore, there are the validator licenses which are supposed to generate a great amount of passive income in SPS. I think those are a great way to support the game and while they might pay you back after a year or two, I do not think that right now is the right time to buy one of those. If you want to buy it off the shelf, they are currently around 5k USD which is not little amount of money. I think this investment is reserved for the big fishes in the tank which I am not considering myself one of them.

What Will Truly Matter?

Last but not least we need to talk about the real asset in the game. What can it be? Didn’t I mention already everything? Well, while I think I might have forgotten to mention some special use cases like promotion sales and so on, I think that the most valuable asset in a game are the playing cards themselves! As a matter of fact, people need these cards to actually be ale to play this game and earn SPS for every win. These cards are also the ones which did not lose as much value compared to the actual in game currencies. The reason for that is that the demand for these cards will never go to zero if the game is healthy and fun to play!

In fact, all the cards have also a certain amount of scarcity as there are only a limited amount of packs for each expansion. This means that these cards have a limited amount of them. While the current ones are rather common, the old expansion packs are getting more and more rarer. On top of that: If you are able to get yourself a golden Legendary card, these cards are almost guaranteed to spike in vale once the bear market tends to be over.

In my opinion, the playing cards make the most sense to invest in. Not only can you improve your team with some cool cards and extend your different strategy options. But you can also increase your Card Collection Power which allows you to move up the leagues and at the same time earn more SPS per win. Isn’t this a great trade-off? Furthermore, it shows the support for the Splinterlands game as everyone who actually is playing this game is supporting the game in the end.

Great Examples

Now that we figured out which asset is the most valuable, in my opinion, let’s take a look at some great opportunities for the future. While I think that almost every card is worth investing in, I would like to point out some obvious choices that might help starting investors in the game. With that being said, I want to point out, that these opinions are solely based on my experience in this game so far and should not be taken as absolute word of law. In my opinion everyone should do their own research, in the best case by playing the game themselves! 😊

I think that summoners are always a great way of investing in cards. These cards are actually required to enter a battle and they also determine how strong your monster can actually be in the end. The more summoners you have the more variation you can play and the more cards of one actual summoner you have, the higher the level of one given card can be. With that being said, I think that the coolest summoners at the moment are the airdropped legendary ones. In general they are giving a cool boost or nerf to your or the enemies cards and allow for pretty cool strategies. At the moment they are around 12 USD but will raise pretty quickly once more players will enter the game.


Staying with legendary cards, as they are the most desired ones in my opinion. Not only that but they also give the highest amount of CP to your team. In more detail, I think that the latest expansion pack of Riftwatchers have some great legendary cards in it. While some of them are generally pretty weak, I think that especially the Death ones are pretty strong and have an accordingly high price.


Now there are plenty of other cards that are worth looking into but this should be done in your own terms and with your own experience. In the end, I do not want to ruin your fun for treasure hunting, do I? 😊

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