Splinterlands - Beginner'S Guide - Why Now Is The Best Time To Start Playing!



Are you new to Splinterlands and searching for some advice, then you found the correct series! In this Beginner’s Guide Series, we are discussing things that new players of Splinterlands should know or try to learn. In this specific episode I want to focus on the Splinterlands game itself. We will talk about the current market situation and why now would be a great time to get into this game! If this article motivated you to start playing this amazing game, then feel free to join the fun over the following link:

Bad Market State

Everyone who is reading this article is probably into crypto or heard at least something about crypto. This is the reason why I probably do not have to explain to you that the current market situation could be better, to say the least. Almost every crypto project is at least down over 30% for the past month and people are starting to think about their decisions to trust some of their money into crypto.

Yes, it looks very red right now because the crypto projects are experiencing a literal bloodbath but let me tell you something. When it comes to the gaming and crypto combination, it could not be a better time to start playing some of the coolest Play2Earn Games out there. Well one of these games is certainly Splinterlands and in the following we will discuss why people that love to game, collect cards, strategize and even earn something on the side while playing should read this article very carefully!

In Game Assets

First of all let’s start with probably one of the most important thing that an investor wants to know about: the assets. More specifically for our case: the in-game Assets of Splinterlands. The most important thing in this game right now are the actual cards. Imagine you are in the early 2000s and you are playing Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon. You have an amazing deck that you spend a lot of money on but all of your cards are so used up that they are not worth anything anymore. Well this problem can not happen to you in Splinterlands. Here, you have cards that are essential NFTs. This means that you have total custody over your digital deck and can sell it whenever you want as long as somebody buys them of course! The value of the cards is obviously changing over time and since the whole crypto market took a deep dive, the cards are getting cheaper now. So if you want a legendary card for about 1 USD, right now is the time to get into the game!


Next up we have to talk about the next big thing in this game which are the Splintershards. The SPS token took a deep dive like every other utility or governance token in the crypto market. Currently trading around 6 cents per token it is one of the cheapest that it has ever been. But don’t get me wrong here, while the graph might show that this token was falling for months, the players inside the game know the reason for this behavior. For almost a year now, there was a token airdrop going on which held the supply of SPS very high. On top of that SPS was only used for Promos. But this is going to change soon very quickly. As the airdrop is running out the supply will drop immensely. Not only that but with the upcoming land sale and more expansions to come the SPS token will gain a lot of utility. As basic economic law dictates: When supply goes down and Demand goes up, the price will go up. This is why the SPS Token will be a very hot thing very soon!


On top of that we have DEC, which are the battle rewards. This token is soft pegged to around 1000 DEC per USD. The higher you are getting in the divisions the more DEC you are getting per win. Now if this is not a great way to earn some money on the side then I don’t know. Of course this will not make you rich in a few hours but it definitely give you an incentive to play this game daily and get better in this game strategy wise.

Last but not least we have land. With half of the land already sold out and another batch of land coming up soon, this asset will have major impact on this game according to the developers. It will allow you to farm even more and get advantages for your battles. Not only that but you can also craft some items that you can then sell on the secondary market. All in all a very lucrative investment if you ask me. It will be interesting to see how the price of the land plots will develop in the near future but it is definitely an asset to look out for in this game.


Best Time To Start

Now let me tell you why right now is literally the best time to get into this game! The in game assets are literally for sale right now. The SPS token is currently very cheap and is expected to go up any time soon. The land plot sale will add more FOMO to the community and another expansion is around the corner. The current Chaos Legion packs are selling out slowly but will pick up pace really quickly when it will be clear that the sell-off is coming to an end. Furthermore, the most important part is that the cards are dirt cheap right now. With a few bucks you can already make it to the Silver leagues and be able to earn decent rewards. From there on you can choose whether you want to fuel your game by itself or give it another extra boost by buying more cards.

Not only that but, like mentioned before: it looks like we are on the edge of the next game cycle. We are about to see some more and amazing cards. A new reward system was implemented and the land sale will fuel the fun and diversity in this game. All of these news are great for the future of this game and make it definitely worth playing.

Constant Development

One of the most important things for a crypto project and especially a gaming project is the constant development. I think that Splinterlands has one of the best and most transparent developer teams out there. In a recent Town-Hall it was announced that even though the times are very difficult right now, they will continue to develop this game. If these news are not great I don’t know what is. This literally means that the game is more or less decoupled from the bad times in the crypto market! Yes the prices of the asset are down, but are you really looking to make millions in this game or are you just trying to have fun and earn some cool rewards and maybe some nice side money off from playing a game that you enjoy playing a few couple minutes a day? I don’t know about you but I definitely prefer the stress free second option.

Bright Future

So let’s recapture: Great in game assets, constant development, great community and fun game. This Play 2 Earn game has major potential during the next bull run and will make its way into the top crypto games out there, if it is not already. For everyone that has not started playing this game yet, it is one of the best times to get in and start learning to paly this interesting and fun game. If you need more support, feel free to check out my other guides down below as well as ask the community for help! And for those who are already familiar with this game: You know what I am talking about and hope that you are enjoying this game as much as I do right now! 😊

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