Splinterlands Secrets - Aimless Edition!



Another week with another special challenge for us. This time around we are running around aimlessly and shooting randomly through space. Or at least that is the aim of this challenge! (See what I did there? :P) Well, dad jokes aside, I think there are different ways to approach this specific ruleset and in this episode I will show you the way that I like to approach things: calculated and not leaving things to chance. With that being said, let’s jump straight into it!

Aimless Strategy

Alright, let’s start with the actual ruleset itself. This makes every unit that is not a Melee unit shoot random targets on the opponent’s side of the field. It is a very cool idea to randomize the battle and bring a certain amount of RNG into the battles. Especially with units that have the explosion ability this can actually be pretty interesting. Unfortunately for our opponent, we do not like to do things randomly. This is why in the following section I will introduce you to the units that will be resistant to this kind of madness. I am talking about Melee units that are still attacking the units that they are meant to attack. This way we are still focusing our attacking force on one unit and not spreading our attacks thin through out the whole field. Furthermore, it is important to fill your field with units so that the damage dealing units are having a better chance of dodging the incoming attacks.


Chosen Units

With the strategy laid out, let’s take a look at the three important units that will help us win this battle. Frist things first, we only have 20 mana to spend which means for us that we need to be very efficient on how we spend our mana. After all, we need to fill our side of the field. First unit I always chose is Tenyii Striker. Not only does he come with plenty of health but his 4 melee damage will be actually very crucial against the incoming threats. Furthermore, he is coming with the Sneak Ability which will make him an even bigger asset than you think.

Next up I am choosing to spend another 5 mana on Radiated Brute. The reason is very simple With 7 health and 4 attack this card is as equally of a rock as the previous unit. On top of that we do not need to put this unit in the first position thanks to its Reach Ability. This makes it a very valuable unit since we can focus his attacks on the opponent’s tank and get as much damage as possible.

Last but not least we still want to get some damage to the opponent’s backfield. This is the reason for Uraeus. This card is one of the best units that I have ever played for just 3 mana! Let’s say it that way, you get 3 Melee damage into the backfield for only 3 mana, I don’t think there is a better deal if you are playing only with 20 mana here. All of those three units will give us the path to victory while the rest of the field will be filled with filler units that can attract as many random attacks as possible.

Bild2.png Bild3.png Bild4.png

Example Battle

Now going into battle, our opponent chose actually a very good team. And under every other circumstance he would have won this battle. But because his main unit, Captain Katie, is now shooting random targets, he will not be able to get a certain kill with this card which will not trigger her Bloodlust Ability which will then make it easy for us to get rid of this card. Granted, we were lucky in the attacks that received but in the end the strategy was better since we were focusing our attacks on the back and the front rather than relying on our units to hit the correct spot.



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On 28th December 2023


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