Splinterlands - Share Your Battle - Dragon Edition



In today’s “Share Your Battle” Challenge we have once again the pleasure to battling with dragons! This is a very cool challenge because Dragons are supposed to be one of the strongest Splinters to play. They have a lot of advantages: They are compatible with every other Splinter right now, meaning that you can play the best cards of two worlds. Furthermore, Dragons have very powerful cards which we will take a look at over the course of this article. I will show you which cards I am currently using and what the strategy behind this shared win was. With that out of the way, let’s get started!

Djinn Chwala

First up in the line of cards that we are going to use in this battle is Djinn Chwala. This card was one of the first reward cards that I earned for myself a few months ago, which is why I have a very deep connection to this card. It also was able to win me a lot of games since I have it which is why I am never hesitating to use this card again. With 5 armor, 9 health and 2 melee attack it is a very solid tank. With the additional Thorns Ability this card becomes a super hero! Every card that attacks this card will suffer and this is what makes a great tank in this game.

Not only that but with higher levels this card becomes progressively stronger and even gets the Enrage Ability at level 4. This means that this card will get faster and stronger once losing some health. All in all this card will be able to deal some serious damage over the course of a battle and protect the next units that we have lined up.


Zyvax Vuul

One of these other units is Zyvax Vuul. On the surface it does not look like a great card. 8 mana for a card that only attacks every second turn sounds very disappointing on the first glance. But I learned to appreciate this card over time, which is why you should definitely give it a try. First of all, it is a ranged attacker. This means that it has more time than a tank to get its attacks in. With 6 damage every two turns, this card can decide whether the opponents tank goes down sooner or later. With the flying ability and 3 speed this card also is very hard to hit and certainly a asset in the Earthquake Ruleset. On level 2 already, this card is also able to attack from the first position and with 8 health can make a solid emergency tank.


Void Dragon

Last but not least on the dragon Front we have Void dragon. I really enjoy playing with this card because it reminds me of Djinn Oshannus. It has 5 speed and the flying ability. This makes it extra hard to land a hit on this card. Furthermore, the name of this card gives it away, with the Void Ability, this card becomes an asset against magic attackers which is very powerful in today’s meta. With 7 health and one magic attack for just 5 mana this card is certainly worth playing every time you are up against magic monsters. With higher levels, this card gets even the fade Ability which will allow it to dodge magic attackers! All in all a very solid card to play in every type of situation.


Djinn Oshannus

Because we are plying the Dragon Splinter, we are able to select another Splinter that the Dragons can cooperate with. In this specific case, I chose the water element, because it has some cards that are just too good to pass on. The first one being probably my most favorite card in weeks: Djinn Oshannus. We mentioned him before but I will say it again: This card is an absolute beast. 10 health, 5 speed and 2 magic attack for 8 mana should be enough said to know that this card is a must-have. With the additional Void Ability, this card becomes a very good counter card against magic monsters but is in general a very strong card to use in every circumstance.


Nerissa Tridawn

In order to deal some damage I tend to split my forces between the next to cards. The first one being Nerissa. Although, this card has no special ability, this card will tear down every tank that is in the game. With 3 magic attack, this card is an absolute damage dealer and will not stop in front of anybody. Not only that but with higher levels she can get up to 5 magic damage which is literally insane! With 9 health, this card can also take some damage and would make another great emergency tank if needed.



Last but not least we have a great card to round up our squad. Because we went a little Magic heavy, I like to balance our attacking force out with a little bit of Melee Damage. This can be perfectly done with Deeplurker and its Opportunity Ability. Because of this Ability, this card will be able to attack from any position and will not take away the spot of Djinn Chwala. With an amazing damage of three and 6 health, this card is fairly resistant and will bring in some good attacks before possibly being eliminated. In most cases this wont happen though because this card eliminates the its threats first. Whenever some Melee-Magic Balance is needed, this card is certainly one that is worth playing.


Example Battle

With our team introduced, let’s get straight into the battle. We had plenty of mana available which is why I chose to use these cards. Furthermore, we had the ruleset of all non-Melee cards having the Snipe-Ability. This is especially powerful with three magic cards that we were using throughout the battle. Djinn Chwala did a great job of protecting the rest of the team and managed to deal a very good amount of damage, especially because of the Thorns ability.

Furthermore, the plan worked to deal a lot of damage with our three magic attackers. I would say that the main reason we won this fight was because we chose the correct attacking style against our opponent. But not only that: Zyvax Vuul managed to get some great attacks in and was holding up against the Sneak attackers of our enemy very nicely. All in all this win seemed always secure and we managed to take it home fairly easy because of our strategy and the help of the dragons!



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On 23rd June 2022

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