Splinterlands Share Your Battle - Gargoya Scrapper Edition!



This week’s “Share Your Battle” is all about the Gargoya Scrapper. It is one of the weakest cards in the card pool but it would not be Splinterlands if this card would not have a utility in it. Furthermore, I thought, why only just write only about the Gargoya Scrapper if you can write about the whole Gargoya family! This is why in this special episode, we will be looking at all the Gargoyas and use the whole family in battle, so be prepared for some fun line ups! We will take a look at each card and explore the possible strategies behind each card. Last but not least we will place our attention at the actual battle and watch how we take away yet another victory! :D

Gargoya Scrapper

As always, we are starting with the star of this week: Gargoya Scrapper. The youngest and cheapest of this family belongs to the Life Splinter and is a common melee attacker. For a cost of just 1 mana you really can not expect wonders which is why this card comes with only one attack two speed and two health points which is honestly very okay for a card that costs one mana. With higher levels this card becomes only marginally stronger as it gets the Void ability in which it is getting more resistant against magic attackers. In its final stage it has 3 health, 3 speed and 2 melee attack will not be a game deciding card in most cases.

Nevertheless this card ahs some great utility! Whether as a bumper card in front or at the end. This is because one mana is not that much to pay in order to protect your most valuable cards from an early big blow or a potential Sneak Attack. This card also makes an alright tank in the Equalizer Ruleset. So while it might look like this card does not have any utility at all, there are still some alright use-cases for it to be found!


Gargoya Lion

Second up in this family of Gargoyas is the Gargoya Lion. While this card is a neutral common card and is usable in any kind of team, I think that a combination of all the Gargoyas is actually very cool. For a cost of 6 mana you are getting 2 armor and 6 health straight away. This makes this card a very niche tank in the lower leagues. His attack and speed with just one is what this card can work on but these stats are also the ones which are getting boosted straight away.

Additionally to its stats, this card has the flying ability which is actually a very good ability to have in Earthquake rulesets! With an additional Void Ability from Level 5 and the Enrage Ability on the final stages of its form makes this card a very playable card in the higher levels as well. In its final stage this card achieves 3 melee attack 3 speed, 3 armor and a good 7 health.


Gargoya Devil

Last but not least in this family of three we have the big one: the Gargoya Devil. This card being a rare neutral card makes it still very easy to play and with the ranged attacking style very predetermined to be played in the Life Splinter as this is where the range attackers are getting boosted. For a whopping 7 mana you are getting only 2 ranged attack, two speed one armor and three health. This might be one of the primary reasons why this card is not chosen very often.

On the other hand this card has the flying ability as well as the closed Ranged ability which means that it will also attack from the first position. Furthermore, this card becomes very nice in its final stages. With an total of 4 attack 3 speed 2 armor and 5 health this card is a very playable card in the top leagues, especially if you consider that you are getting an extra attack buff when you are playing with the Life summoner. What will be extremely important in our battle later is that we are having the Equalizer ruleset. This means that his card’s health is getting bumped up to a very high amount which also means that it will not go down too easy.


Time Mage

Now that we covered the happy Gargoya family we need to talk about the rest of the team. My number one pick of choice in the Life Splinter is always the time Mage. There must be a reason why this card is appearing in my Life Battles all the time and the reason is that this card is absolutely amazing. I sound like a broken record but not only is this card a magic attacker but it also comes with 4 speed, costs only 4 mana and slows all of the enemies down to a point that we will almost always have the first blow at them. Isn’t this amazing? If this was not enough: in its final form this card has a whopping 3 mana attack and 5 speed which will secure you several wins along the way.


Venari Crystalsmith

My second choice for a support unit is almost always something that has the ability to heal our tank. With the Venari Crystalsmith we have perfect synergy with our summoner. We are able to heal our tank and get buffed by the summoner at the same time. There is probably no better card to play in this exact situation.

With 2 speed 4 health and a cost of 4 mana, this card is playable almost all of the time and gives you an amazing return for the used mana. In regards to our upcoming battle we have to keep in mind that our tanks will have a lot of life points to get healing for which makes this card actually more valuable because we will restore always around a third of the health points that our tank has.


Pelacor Arbalest

Last but not least we need to talk about the greatest damage dealer in this whole life splinter: Pelacor Arbalest. The most amazing about this card is the double strike ability. Paired with the range attack buffs from the summoner we are able to deal 6 damage per turn which is an amazing mana to damage ratio. The main weakness of this card is its low health. But because we will play an Equalizer ruleset this card will have an amazing amount of health which will make it impossible to die in one turn, therefore guaranteeing us some good amount of damage that we are going to deal.


Example Batttle & Strategy

Now let’s move to the show we were waiting for: the actual battle! As teased before, we are playing the life splinter in combination with our small little and happy Gargoya family. As tank we chose the Gargoya Lion because it has the extra Armor, second up we are having our Gargoya Scrapper which functions as tank number two. Behidn them we are having our support and damage dealer units. We put the most important damage dealer: Pelacor Arbalest into the last position as our opponent seemed to play a Earth Magic combination which almost never has a Sneak attacker. Last but not least we placed the Gargoya Devil as first ranged attacker because this card is also able to attack from the first position in the case that we will need it to get into this place. In the end we did not need this possibility but it is always to be safe then sorry at the end. With this strategy we were able to get another very comfortable win.



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