Splinterlands -Share Your Battle - Silent Sha-Vi Edition



In today’s week “Share Your Battle” Challenge, we will talk about a very silent and deadly card. I am talking about the silent Sha-Vi and how it can help you win battles that seem to be unwinnable. Now, on the surface it looks like a standard Death-Card with the Sneak Ability but combined with the correct cards, it can help you tremendously. In this article we will talk about which cards to combine this card with, what strategy we are following and will take a look at an example battle where we try to utilize the aforementioned cards.

Silent Sha-Vi

Let’s begin with the card to watch: Silent Sha-Vi. This common Death card is on the first sight nothing special. On level one it has 2 melee attack, 3 speed and 5 health which is very nice for a 5 mana cost card. It is probably one of the best Sneak cards out there that you can get on this low level. In its final form it increases its stats to 4 melee 6 speed and 7 health with additional Piercing and Cripple Abilities. This makes this card absolutely amazing and still usable in the higher leagues. Furthermore, this card could be placed in any position as it can attack from any position and would even make a very nice tank replacement in the case of our tank being defeated.

With these attribute it is the perfect card for the Death Splinter. In the following we will discuss potential cards to surround this card with in order to create the perfect Battle. With this in mind we know that this card can be used in any position and can replace our tank in the case of death, so let’s explore potential partners for this card.



One of the potential partners is the Revealer. This brand new card is a reward card, so you have the potential to get this card in your reward chests! This card starts to become one of my favorite cards in the game and I will tell you why. Not only is it a Magic attacker, which is very powerful for the death Splinter but it has also a good amount of health for its mana cost of 4 and ahs the Stunt Ability. As we will see in the example battle, this Ability is endlessly powerful with some degree of luck and is the number one reason to play this card.

In its final form this card brings 2 magic attack, 2 speed and 5 health, which are not big differences to its basic form, but it also comes with additional Immunity ability as well as the new Ability of Reflection Shield. There will certainly be more interesting strategies in the future with this card but they have yet to be found. It would be very interesting to see a death summoner that boosts the magic attack and maybe we could see him in the upcoming air drop reveals which could be very interesting! But I digress.



Another very interesting card to play in the death Splinter is the Riftwing. Like always on Splinterlands, there is no card that is unusable! Same goes for a card hat has no attacking value. So what would be the incentive to play it? Frist of all it has the Scavenge Ability which allows it to gain Health every time another monster dies on the field. Not only that but with its flying ability and 3 speed it is very hard to hit this card. Especially in ruleset like Equalizer or Earthquake this card can thrive and make a difference. Especially wit the background that the Death summoner nerfs the opponents card’s health which makes it easier to destroy them.

What is also very cool with this card is that it gets another two cool abilities that make this card even more valuable. For starters it gets the Backfire Ability at level 5. This means that every time an opponent fails to hit this card, it will get 2 damage back. From level 8 upwards it gets the additional Headwinds ability where every Ranged attacker gets their attack reduced.


Magi Necrosi

Moving on to further alternatives to play alongside the Silent Sha-Vi. One of them is Magi Necrosi. I really enjoy playing Magic attackers but one of their most vulnerable spots is their health. Same goes with Magi Necrosi. For a card that costs 6 mana, 4 health are very discussable. But this card makes up for it with amazing abilities and speed. Frist things first: It hast 2 magic attack which already a big plus in the current META. But like mentioned before the real good stuff comes with its abilities: With the Snipe ability it will target monsters in the backline that are potentially support units of our opponent. This already is very powerful, but with the Camouflage ability, this monster is not allowed to be attacked by any Sneak attackers. This means that if you put this card into the back of your field it is pretty much protected until the end of the battle.

With higher levels this card gets more health and one more magic attack, which is generally huge but what is much better is that it gets the Stunt ability in its final form as well as the Oppress Ability. All in all this card is one of the coolest cards that you can play in the death Splinter and is always worth considering playing in my opinion.


Cursed Widneku

Moving on to the last potential addition to our team. The Cursed Windeku is a very strong tank and should always being considered to be played if the Death Splinter is on the table. Not only does it have 9 health on the basic level but it comes with 2 melee attack and 3 speed. The Thorns Ability gives this card a final touch that makes it a real beast. With higher levels this card is absolutely insane. In its final form it can additionally heal itself and make the opponent slower while at the same time having 4 melee attack and 11 health. Just an amazing card to play in any circumstances!


Example Battle

And now let’s take a look at what you ‘all have been waiting for: the battle. This one was an extremely hard one and I must admit that it was with a lot of luck and of course skill that we managed to defeat our opponents but let’s walk through the beginning. Our opponent chose probably the strongest comb out there: the magic Water combination. Especially with Oshannus being resistant to magic attacks it was a very hard choice what to send out into the battle. At the end the Silent Sha-Vi was the match winner as he was the one providing all the critical deathblows but the revealer did an amazing job as well. Having stunt Oshannus several times, it provided us the opportunity to take out his other Magic attacking minion as well as Oshannus himself. In the end the win looked very comfortable but make no mistake: It was a lot of luck and obviously skill involved :D



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