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I guess everyone is hyped up with the Chaos Legion general sale starting. At the time of writing this, 6 million packs were already sold.

What about you? How many packs did you buy? And will you HODL or open them write away? I would love to interact with you guys so please, do leave a comment on the comment section.

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This week's battle challenge star is a creature that is forever caught between dimensions. The result of the Obliteration of Light, a horrible destructive event in which all the living vanished from the surface of Khymeria. These spirits do not hunger or thirst, but their fangs still bite and their claws still slash.

It actually looks like a popular Alice in Wonderland cat, I wonder if it's based from that.



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See the resemblance? 😁

Anyways, click on the blue words down there if you want to watch my battle with FERAL SPIRIT.


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FERAL SPIRIT is a card I usually overlook, but I used to use it all the time back when I was starting with @Splinterlands last year. Together with the summoner TYDUS PALADIUM, it's a card you can totally spam. But when the mage meta happened, I totally forgot about it. I don't really remember the last time I used Feral Spirit in a match.

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The ruleset for this battle is:

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  1. LOST MAGIC: a rule where magic cards are not allowed in battle.
  2. 26 MANA CAP, mid range so you can still pick good cards.
  3. LIFE SPLINTERS are the only allowed in battle, which made this battle easier.

Unfortunately, we will lose FERAL SPIRIT by ROUND 4 of the match but I think it still served it's purpose well.

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For this battle, I used the summoner MOTHER KALA for her +1 HP.

Mother Khala.png

I recently got a GOLD FOIL CHAOS KNIGHT from me OPENING 10 CHAOS LEGION PACKS and decided to use that. Since I don't have to worry about magic cards directly attacking my tank's hit points, I placed her at the first part for her Shield which reduces melee and range attacks.

Chaos Knight_gold.jpg

On the second position is SUNKAI HARVESTER, he was placed there for his Reach, with this even though he is a melee monster, he can attacked from the second position.

Sunkai Harvester.jpg

I placed our challenge star, FERAL CAT, in the middle like I always do with low hp monsters so they will avoid any Sneak attacks but for this battle, that didn't work to my advantage.

What an irony, another reason I placed the Feral Cat in the middle is because it have Sneak, the very ability I am trying to avoid for it.

Feral Spirit.png

PELACOR ARBALEST was placed next because since it's a range monster, it cannot attack from the first place so it needs other cards to protect it. I also love it's Double Strike ability but in this battle, it did miss a lot.

Pelacor Arbalest.jpg

I want a healer at the end of my deck so I placed VENARI CRYSTALSMITH there, I then ended this deck with FURIOUS CHICKEN to serve as a meat shield for my Venari.

Venari Crystalsmith.jpg

Furious Chicken.png

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ROUND ONE started with me and my opponent's monsters receiving a +1 HP buff. And since my opponent used TRUTHSPEAKER, his monsters received 2 armor.

feral spirit round 1.jpg

My Feral Spirit has the highest speed so it attacked my opponent's Cave Slug at the end of his deck, it was able to cause 1 melee damage to the Slug's armor.

His Luminous then attacked my tank and since my tank has Shield, it was only able to cause 1 melee damage from it's originally 2 damage.

My range monsters Venari Crystalsmith and Pelacor Arbalest had a total of 3 attacks but only one was able to hit the Eagle. Sunkai Harvester attacked after that and was able to cause another 1 damage to the Eagle. My tank attacked too but it missed too. Cave Slug then proceeded to attack my Chicken causing it to go down.

ROUND TWO continued with my Spirit attacking the Slug again, the Slug's armor is now gone. The Eagle then proceeded to attack my tank leaving her with 1 armor.

feral spirit round 2.jpg

My Arbalest attacked twice but both attacks missed. Thankfully, Venari's 1 range attack connected. My tank's 2 melee damage was able to penetrate through the Eagle's HP. That was then followed by Sunkai and Eagle is now left with onle 1 HP.

The Slug them proceeded to attack my Spirit and left it with 1 HP.

By ROUND 3, my Spirit immediately retaliated with 1 melee attack that was soon followed by the opponent's Eagle that left my tank with 0 armor.

Crystalsmith then attacked but missed, yet again. Same with the Arbalest's double attack, so that's 3 consecutive missed attacks. Luckily, my tank was able to put the Eagle down with it's subsequent attack.

Sunkai then attacked Truthspeaker. My Spirit went down at this moment when the Slug continued to attack it.

ROUND 4 saw the end of my opponent when my Arbalest's double attack was able to put his Truthspeaker down. His Slug was the only monster remaining and since it only has 1 speed, my monsters continued to attack it until it went down.

feral spirit round 4.jpg

Just look at MOTHER KALA's winning smile! That would surely brighten up your day!

mother kala winning.jpg

winning summary.jpg

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This is the only other time that I used FERAL SPIRIT and I will be honest, it's not a card I give so much importance too. I do plan on buying one but mainly for collection purposes.

I used to love this card, together with SILVERSHIELD ASSASSIN, they are cards I would prioritize when renting but ever since the meta now is more on mage monsters, I sort of forgot this gem.

In this battle, I was thinking of using the Feral Spirit for it's Sneak ability but since it only has 1 melee attack, it was only able to remove some of the Slug's armor until it was taken down by the very monster it is attacking.

In a way, my Spirit was able to serve its purpose by removing some of the Slug's armor so by the end, it will be easier to take down.

Will I use the Feral Spirit after this battle? Yes, of course. But not as how I used to use it back then.

Do I think it's a good card? Yes! Definitely, it's specialty is Sneak attacks so you can definitely work on that.

All righty! That is it for my Feral Spirit battle challenge, see you next week!