Confronting magical legends | Curious Battles #10


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From Splinterlands and edited with Photoshop CS6

Greetings and blessings, here I bring the tenth installment of this series of publications in which I share curious battles of my adventures in splinterlands.

First I placed this tank, which is already a classic in my strategies because of its useful ability that inflicts damage to those who attack it physically.


Secondly, this ghost, capable of dodging quite a lot and inflicting good magic damage. This was vital for the victory thanks to the support of the summoner.


For third place is the classic angry chicken that helps as a mini tank.


For the fourth place I put this new mage from the chaos legion edition, with his ability he caused 6 magic damage more than once. Destroying enemy defenses


The enemy strategy was not bad at all, but it would have been excellent for a team focused on physical damage. Since this was not the case, the magic combo added to the reflex doomed their strategy.


The complete alineation was:


If you want to see the replay click here.

Curious fact:

Chaos Legion edition cards are dropping quite a bit due to the increasing supply, a product of the large purchase and opening of packs. I recommend you to stay tuned to create good decks that can adapt to what is to come. That is my mission for these months.


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