How Blockchain Gaming is Impacting The Gaming Industry

In the gaming world, we’ve seen a massive transformation in the past few years. From tablets to social media games, game developers have realized that digital distribution is the future of gaming. The combination of blockchain technology and digital distribution has resulted in a new wave of entertainment projects. In this article, we will discuss some of the uses of digital distribution in gaming, why it is important and how Blockchain can help in bringing about a safer digital future.

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What is a Blockchain Game Exactly?

The new types of games are seen as too primitive and low in UI quality but blockchain-based games are the new type of games that are leading the way NFTs, Decentralized exchanges, and ownership concepts will be an inseparable part of the gaming industry!

How Blockchain Is Impacting The Gaming Industry

In the last few years, numerous smart contract projects have been developed on blockchain. These can be used for all sorts of critical applications, like security for online transactions, compliance with regulatory requirements, and more. Blockchain-based smart contract functionality enables programmable data and smart contract-based smart contracts. Blockchain-based smart contract functionality has been used in smart contract platforms for over a decade.

When we consider the growth of gaming in the world:


It is probably nothing for today!

What is the Importance of Blockchain in the Gaming Industry?

The gaming industry has been experiencing a transformation, and the transition has been more than just a business opportunity. The transformation is due to the adoption of blockchain technology, which has allowed a much broader range of industries to gain trust and transparency. It has also allowed an increase in the amount of data and protocols transparent and trustworthy can be generated. Blockchain has been a key factor behind the adoption of modern technologies. Time to grab a piece of the cake 🍰

When creating a blockchain game, the developer can make use of the gaming industry’s growing interest in digital distribution and the potential benefits it brings. After all, this is the future of gaming! This is the next logical step in the evolution of blockchain. All the developments that have been made to date are still in their infancy, and the adoption of blockchain in the gaming industry is still very much a work in progress. There are many challenges that are still faced by the industry and it is important that developers and business executives take the necessary steps to overcome them.

Where is Splinterlands in this Trend?

I would say at the top!

There is a massive battle between AlienWorlds and Splinterlands to have the highest number of active players daily. Sometimes being at the first position, sometimes at the second one, Splinterlands has always been there to welcome new blockchain-based game lovers.


After AlienWorlds and Splinterlands, the third game has less than half of what these two games have. Honestly, many people see AlienWorlds as something that they only click daily rather than a real game.

If we have to speak honest words, Splinterlands is the only game that has the potential to outperform the existing tyrants of gaming industry with its blockchain-powered features!

Neither Axie nor any other game could show up with a sustainable gamer profile like Splinterlands did. I personally think that the secret recipe of Splinterlands is an amazing team with strong community!


"Is it possible to make a devastating blockchain game in 2022?”

The blockchain gaming industry is experiencing tremendous growth, and major game publishers are exploring new ways to connect with this growing audience. Blockchain is a crucial part of this transformation, and it is quickly becoming a matter of genuine interest for many people in the industry. The gaming industry is experiencing tremendous change, and it is important that developers and business leaders take the necessary steps to overcome them. Blockchain provides a high-level framework for creating decentralized applications, which can be used to manage the visibility and security of decentralized applications on the Blockchain.

Similar to Axie Infinity, Splinterlands and Sweat Economy, more will be there and outperform the others as blockchain-based examples grow themselves. As of today, Splinterlands is the project that is closest to become top-tier games with Play2Earn / GameFi mechanism 🎮


The possibilities of Blockchain use cases are as wide as one can imagine and think of. The more time passes and more people get involved I am sure we will see a lot of new use cases, both for the gaming industry and the general cryptoverse.

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