Splinterlands - Conscript Forever 🔥

The Summoners of Splinterlands are one of the most important assets that every Splinterlands player tries to make stronger to use higher level monsters and more effective battles.

conscript splinterlands.jpg

Splinterlands market is full of crazy strong monsters and summoners. However, some cards cannot be bought because they are associated with your own Splinterlands account, a.k.a soulbound-NFTs!


Splinterlands is a constantly, literally constantly, evolving game, with new cards and gameplay mechanics being introduced regularly by the team. Players need to be adaptable and able to quickly understand and adapt to changes in the game. Imagine the times when everyone was using Last Stand ability and winning most of the battles. Now, it is way easier to handle such strategies with different sets of strategies.

Few Understand Conscript

New Splinterlanders need to learn about the different types of cards, such as melee attackers, ranged attackers, healers, and tanks, as well as their unique abilities and stats. Also, the complexity level of the game increased as did the fun with the arrival of soul bounds and Gladius set.

The Conscript ability of soulbound summoners enable gamers to use Gladius soulbounds in your normal game. Of course, you can only use 1 Gladius but, already, the set is overpowered.

If you use 1 OP Gladius and some healers, shield and good positioning strategies, congrats you win 🏆 The point is to adapt them into your team. Yeah, they are among the strongest ones but they cannot change the result of the battle by themselves.

Scarce and Money cannot Buy Conscript

The best part of the ability is the scarcity for sure. I have 2 Summoners with Conscript ability and pray to get the others as well. I have no other choice but for wishing to own them. Money-do not- buy-the-soulbound-Conscript.

This is something good because the inflation of cards would spoil the harmony of the game. Now, I set my team according to last 5 battles of my rival. If I see a summoner with conscript, I take precautions accordingly. There are some OP monsters in each element. Better to be prepared well.

Conscript + Bloodlust are too unbeatable, "for now". Once upon a time, it was Last Stand and Trample then the meta changed and players tried to adapt their decks ... Remember, the game is extremely dynamic, fun, and rewarding. This is why it is at the top since 2018 ☄️


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