Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge - Gem Meteor ☄️

In this post, we will be talking about Gem Meteor and the ways to use its features effectively in the low level battles. First of all, it is a nice card that can be pretty functional against the teams that protect their magic or ranged attackers with taunt ability. Scattershot is a unique feature that few people understand it.

splinterlands gem meteor.png

Interestingly, the monster is not a popular one among the other natural cards. It consumes 5 mana points and there are several ways to maximize your battle efficacy. Anyway, I always focus on diversifying my team set up so I'll care more about this monster after this challenge 😉


Personal Suggestion: Work on Scattershot ability even though they may not look game-changer. Actually, they can directly affect your battle!

Team Set Up.png

My team set up had tons of negative sides if you check it. For example, I broke my rule of "balanced team" and leaned on owning Ranged Attackers to utilize +1 Ranged attack points from General Sloan!


My team consisted of 1 melee, 1 magician and 3 ranged attackers. Though they may not sound like a crazy hard team, it is a solid set up for sure.
2 melee attack points comes from my tank with taunt ability, it plays an amazing role.

My magician slows down the rivals with SLOW abilitiy. It brought a nice advantage against the dangerous hunters!

Ranged ones are the core of the team, they had 3 + 3 + 2 + 3 attack points. 11 attack points sound like crazy, indeed 🔥


The battle was breathtaking as it was too hard to guess the winner till the last round and the last attack! When my tank was in trouble, I had no other strong one to protect the ranged attackers in the last 3 lines.

Strengths  Weaknessses.png

The team had a really side -> well-protectect archers. The taunt ability and slow made the rival lose some blood before it directs its whole attention to my team.

Overall, I intentionally went fully ranged as I knew that the rival team will come up with this Death team. However, can we say that this strength is sustiable?

Not really...


The weakness of my team is pretty obvious. TANK!

Yes, taunt is a good protection but as it happened in the battle, Taunt skill tires my tank a lot! As a result, all my strategy is under a huge treat due to the imbalance towards more damage!

The imbalance is not a good way to rely on your team setup. There should be more surprise to the rival if you want to eliminate its strategies.

The Battle Results.png

The battle was exciting but there are also some points to consider. First of all, should we take such a risk while setting up the ranged attack teams?

Would 29 mana be enough to build fully Ranged or fully Magic teams?

IMHO, that's too risky if you cannot foresee your rivals strategy!


I think you also like this battle as it is one of the most exciting types in low level Bronze fights.

I do my best to create content for bronze players with my dedicated Hive account.

Watch the battle and challenge me with your deep Splinterlands experience. Waiting for your request 😉

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