Gamestate partners with Style Protocol for multi-metaverse NFT bridge integration

Gamestate is proud to announce its new partnership with STYLE Protocol. This new partnership should help advance the vision of creating an integrated metaverse environment and specifically enabling the ability to bridge avatars and NFTs from one metaverse to another.

Gamestate, together with STYLE Protocol, brings futuristic landscapes, unique gaming profiles, and interoperable characters together, presenting the next generation of interoperable metaverse ecosystems. We are proud to have a partner that embodies our vision, helping to standardize the process of transferable 3d asset NFTs. The possibilities are literally endless!

Gamestate users will be able to import NFTs and avatars from other metaverse platforms and get in on the fun by utilizing the innovative STYLE Protocol. Beyond that users will have the opportunity to buy multi-platform enabled NFTs through the Gamestate marketplace and export Gamestate NFTs and avatars to other platforms.

Creators will in the future, be able to design their own avatars and bridge them to multiple games or metaverse environments using StyleXchange.

About Gamestate

Gamestate is a Megaverse nexus, uniting gamers, fans, developers, creators, and merchants in a place of fun, discovery, and learning. Gamestate offers sales channels for games, apps, advertising, gaming equipment, music, media, and general merchandise as well as a Rocket Launchpad accelerator for indie game startups.

Unified profiles solve the problem of fragmented gaming accounts and achievements; allowing gamers to create and import their existing game profiles and leaderboard ranks, collated into a single portable, immutable, privacy-centric, achievements-based blockchain digital identity profile for ultimate flexing and bragging rights!


About Style Protocol

The STYLE protocol is running as a Decentralized Metaverse Exchange (DMX) that enables you to launch your Fashion-NFTs, assets, and any object of your imagination into the multiverse.

Transport your Art-NFTs and wildest virtual assets into the metaverse of your choice.

The STYLE protocol is operated by a community to bridge the NFTs into 3D formats and release them into different metaverses for you as owner and participant. The community will govern the protocol as a DAO.


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