Splinterlands Grinding Experiment: First Gold Foil Reward Card!

Who says consistency doesn't pay off? Splinterlands as a whole and what it's done for early adopters is an example for that.

And to prove you I am right, I started playing this account over 50 days ago (57 to be exact) and never missed a day.

While I've made mistakes, I slowly picked up a few tricks that made my life easier in the bronze league. If we are talking about ranked games, the best way I learn is from people that beat the crap out of me. They either have the right cards or the right strategy to do so. And that's how you learn, from your lost games. Or at least that's how I do.

But I don't want to talk about learning winning strategies in this post.

What I want is to show off the reward card I received. A common Pelacor Deceiver. Nothing special so far. Except it is a Gold Foil card:


Isn't that awesome? Seeing the GF was a very nice surprise at the end of the DQ. :) So newbies do get lucky too, and they have their chances...

It's also a 125 CP card, instead of 5 CP the regular Pelacor Deceiver.

That brings my total owned CP to 295 so far. Step by step, it's getting to that 1000 CP so I won't need to rent cards anymore for Bronze II league.

Right now my plan is to rent it out. It doesn't really help me with the CP until I'll have more of it, or with the gameplay, but being a GF card it will probably get rented and produce some passive income.

We'll see...