Splinterlands Battle Challenge! | 1 mana enough to lead you win

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SC : Splinterlands


A carrion shade is a dark-winged bird that feeds off of the dead bodies of animals and people. They often flock to battlefields and dangerous parts of the wilderness where there are sure to be corpses. They travel in small groups and have no natural predators. Most people fear the carrion shades, though. For to see a group following you is to know your life is in danger. Tales whispered by the elder wise women claim that if you see a single carrion shade perched outside your home, then someone you love will die that night.


Tell us about your lineup


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  • Leagues = Silver 3
  • Heavy Hitters = All Monsters have the Knock Out ability.
  • Stampede = The Trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled Monster is killed.
  • 2 mana cap = I will use 6 monsters
  • Summoner = Only death, dragon and earth can be used

My Lineup

Obviously the enemy will also choose death splinter if we are looking at the available splinter to play, but the dragon also has higher chance to be used. In this battle I choose Thaddius brood to summon my monsters. besides that, this summoner also the weakness of obsidian so using this summoner is a good choice
The tank that I summon in this battle was Cursed Windeku, Windeku has 9 health which is huge and definately harder to kill especially the rulesets is 20 mana cap. having the thorn ability makes this card more dangerous to enemy
The second monsters is Chaos agent, I put this monsters in the second position to take the first damage of the snipe monster and will cover my Life Sapper to receiving any damage, especially if the enemy also using death elemental in his line-up
Screenshot (459).pngThe third monsters is Life Sapper, as this card name is "sapper" this card apparently has lefe leech ability that will makes it gain 1 health on succesful hit that deals damage on enemy's monster, I put it on the third position to hide this card from snipe monsters because the chaos agent will be the tank
Screenshot (465).pngIn the fourth position we have death elemental that deal magic attack, this card is actually attacking the magic , ranged and no attacks monsters who are not in the first position, this card is annoying because it can killed several cards in 1 attack only if used under thaddius brood
Screenshot (461).pngUndead Badger will be my fifth monsters, left with low mana after using lots card before, leading me to use undead bagger, this card only use 2 mana and has the sneak ability that allowing it to attacks from behind
Screenshot (460) - Copy.pngOur hero monsters this week will be at the end of the position, this card I put here to take some damage from the enemy's sneak monsters, this card has 2 health but only need 1 mana to summon that makes this card is usefull in various situations.


Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Screenshot (462).png

Screenshot (463).png

watch the battle here = Battle Replay

My prediction is 100% right and now the enemy is outnumbered by my line-up, the enemy didn't have tank for the snipe ability nor tank for the backrow not like me who aware to those kind of treats, the carrion shade succesfully given times to my other monsters to dealing damages.


Cards Review, Do you like the card? why or why not?

Screenshot (460) - Copy.png

When we compare this card to other 1 mana monsters in chaos legion edition clearly this card has an advantage on his health, this card is also has 2 speed adding the value more to others 1 mana card. since it only need 1 mana to use this card is very useful when you need to fill 1 mana for 1 spot, apparently this card can be a cover to your monsters.


Recommended to use in :

  1. as a cover, as I mention before this card is suitable in many situation, this card can be a cover to your card either in you put it in front, middle or the last position


Avoid to use in :

  1. High mana cap, Apparently this card is not suitable in high mana cap, since you have plenty mana to choose better stat monsters


If you have not played splinterlands yet feel free to sign up here = sign up, If you are looking for a scholarship feel free to reach us in discord here = Unreal Discord
Thanks for stopping by and read my splinterlands challlenge!!
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