Building an effective Silver league deck at a reasonable price.



Hi everyone, Garzug here, and today I'll talk about building a silver league deck.

During this moment, we're a bit over midway with the Chaos Legion sale, and the card prices have returned to very reasonable levels. Because of that, I decided to write this article to show people the costs of building a competitive deck.

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But why silver?

Well, for once, it's affordable for new players, and you don't need a max-level deck for it to do good. And secondly, the Silver league is so much better reward-wise than the bronze league.

Why not just rent a deck?

True, many people prefer to rent their decks instead of building their own. There are various reasons behind that, e.g., not wanting to commit such funds to a game. Or the other most popular reason - people want to be highly effective right from the start.

But there's a drawback to that - rental costs. Sure, you'll win matches, but will you make a profit? Or will you lose money?

That's why it's way better to build your very own deck. Of course, it will be way slower than straight-up renting. But the long-term gains will be higher.

Also, you'll not have to deal with rental cancels as you'll own the assets yourself. Personally, for me, this was one of the main points.


Do note that leveling summoners will cost quite a bit. And it will take some time to get them all up to a decent level. But remember that it's a marathon, not a sprint.

Sure, one can play in the Silver league even with level 1 summoners, but to be more effective, you'll want to have at minimum level 2 summoners. Once you reach partly level 3/4 summoners and leveled supporting cards, they will get you high in the rankings if you play them right.

I'm doing quite well in the gold league with level 3/4 summoners (can get to diamond rankings). And before that, it was around the top 100 in the Silver I. And that was mainly due to my card and splinter diversity, not uber monsters or summoners that my competitors often rented.


I'll exclude some cards that require level 4 summoners as this article is aimed more at small-time investors. Once you reach level 3, you'll know which cards you'll want to develop next to match your playstyle.

Ok, let's get to it.


It's simple.

The more various summoners you'll have, the better chances you'll have as you'll be able to adapt better to battle rules and counter your opponent.

But if you're building your deck from scratch, get a copy from each of the new chaos legion summoners. At the moment, while the Chaos Legion sale is ongoing, they are dirt cheap. But once it's finished, I expect the price will jump quite considerably. The new land expansion might also help. So don't miss out on them.

Of course, you don't have to buy everything at once. Pick one splinter at a time and get it to level 2 with supporting monster cards. After that, take another. Once you've leveled them all, go up a level and repeat.

Another good approach is to pick at least two splinters and develop them a bit first. And only then look at others.

Well then, let's look at the prices.

Rare summoners

SummonerPrice per BCXLevel 2 (BCX 5)Level 3 (BCX 14)
Kelya Frendul~4.40$22.00$61.60$
General Sloan~2.50$12.50$35.00$
Thaddius Brood~2.80$14.00$39.20$

Total for
level 2: 81.50$
level 3: 228.20$

Legendary summoners

SummonerPrice per BCXLevel 1 (BCX 1)Level 2 (BCX 3)
Quix The Devious~33.00$33.00$66.00$

Suggested rental summoners

If you cant afford older edition summoners, you can always rent some to diversify your options. Quite a few cost a small fortune (popular legendary cards), but others go for as little as 1 to 2 cents per day. (level 3/4)

That doesn't mean they are less efficient. No! I've beaten numerous uber summoners with better counter summoner and supporting cards. It's all about reading your opponent and coming up with a better counter.

Wizzard Of EastwoodEarth
Zintar MortalisDeath
Contessa L'amentDeath
Tyrus PaladiumLife

If we're looking at rare summoners, then the level 3 version is preferred as that enables the use of level 2 legendary monsters. And many of them have strong abilities.

But more on that later. Let's go through the splinters themselves. I'll mention cards and the optimal levels that you should get.

Most of them will be from the Chaos Legion as they are both powerful and cheap. Some of those cards come from daily quests and season-end rewards. So it's possible that you already have them.

Monster cards


Fire splinter

Because your summoner will be Tarsa, we'll look more at melee cards as they have the best synergy with her.

CardPrice per BCXPrice, and level
Radiated Scorcher~0.05$0.70$ Level 3
Radiated Brute~0.07$2.10$ Level 4
Scavo Chemist~0.06$1.80$ Level 4
Antoid Platoon~0.09$2.70$ Level 4
Tenyii Striker~0.53$7.42$ Level 3
Exploding Rats~0.11$1.54$ Level 3
Forgotten One~3.40$3.40$ Level 1
Djinn Inferni~1.30$1.30$ Level 1
Scorch Fiend~6.00$6.00$ Level 1
Grum Flameblade~10.00$10.00$ Level 1

Total cost ~36.96$

Let's take a look at the most interesting cards:

This card may not look much, but it's a one-mana card, so it's handy in various matchups. With the help of Tarsa, this card gets two melee attack points. Not bad for a single mana card.

At level three, this card gains the shatter ability, which destroys opponents' armor, and here it becomes interesting. That's especially true for (equal health, melee can attack from all positions, all have the opportunity) rules.

This card is handy in various scenarios, as it removes all negative-status effects from the card in the first spot. Most commonly, you'll want to remove poison.

A level one card could do it too, but a higher level has better health and speed, thus resulting in faster removal of negative-status effects.

This card works great in low/mid-level mana fights and various rulesets. At level four, Tarsa will boost it to three attack points. And on top of that, this card has shield ability.

Don't look down on it, it works great!

Great sneak damage dealer. A level three version will work just fine as it gets three attack points. But the level 4 version will be a better survivor due to the dodge ability.

But for that, you'll need a level four summoner. If you can, do it, it could shift the battle in your favor.

This card is very squishy with a single health point, but at the same time, it has massive attack points and great speed.

It could work well if you boost your attack speed and slow down your opponent. But it will perform better in the equalizer ruleset.

That's a fun monster to have. A first-level card will do just fine. But if you can afford it - level it higher as it will have higher survival stats. At level three, it becomes deadly with the retaliate ability.

Additionally, this card has immunity ability, and because of that, it's commonly used in poison rulest as it will be unaffected by it.

This card does not synergize that well with Tarsa, but a single copy of this card can't hurt. Why? Because of the giant killer ability. If it would strike a card with the cost of ten or more mana, then it would hit it for six magic damage.

Take it if you anticipate such a card in your opponents' lineup.

A rather handy card that turns into a killing machine once the bloodlust starts kicking in. Do note that for now, it's the only card with bloodlust ability that is usable outside guild brawls.

The slow speed is a drawback, but in the slow ruleset, it's a beast.



Water splinter

Here we'll have a mix of cards as magic cards also mix well with Keyla in various situations.

CardPrice per BCXPrice, and level
Hardy Stonefish~0.04$0.56$ Level 3
Flying Squid~0.10$3.00$ Level 4
Deeplurker~0.32$9.60$ Level 4
Merdaali Guardian~0.70$3.50$ Level 2
Diemonshark~0.64$8.96$ Level 3
River Nymph~0.23$1.15$ Level 2
Nerissa Tridawn~1.80$1.80$ Level 1
River Hellondale~9.00$27.00$ Level 2
Torrent Fiend~6.00$6.00$ Level 1
Baakjira~12.00$12.00$ Level 1
Pelacor Bandit~0.03$0.90$ Level 4
Venari Wavesmith~0.11$0.55$ Level 2
Djinn Oshannus~4.00$4.00$ Level 1

Total cost ~79.02$

This one costs a bit more, but you can always drop a legendary card or two to keep the costs down.

Let's take a look at the most interesting cards:

A fish that anyone fears as opportunity ability makes this card terrifying. It has high damage and goes straight to the weakest card on the opponents' deck.

If you boost it with extra damage and combine it with another opportunity card, it can become quite a problem for the opponent.

It's one of my favorite monsters from the water deck.

A healer can be handy in many situations, so grab one if you don't have it already. My only issue with this card is that it has no attack stats. It's a pure support card with no additional defensive stats.

I'd better go with a Crustacean King card. But it's rather expensive and comes from the beta edition. Also, once new battle formats roll out, you'll be able to use it only in the wild format fights.

Another card that I enjoy playing quite a lot. However, I play with a level four version because of the enrage ability. But it's useful also on lower levels.

The good news is that it has the trample ability right from the start. And that one is always fun when it triggers. With the help of the right conditions and battle rules, it can trample all the opponents' cards.

Additionally, this card has high defensive stats. Those have a vital role when no magic monsters are allowed.

This card is handy in a high mana cost battle as it's a high mana card. But it packs quite a punch - three magic damage.

It's also great for "back to basics" ruleset battles. That is unless you anticipate a magic counter from your opponent. A level one version of the card will do its job. But if you want more survivability for it, you can level it up a bit.

This one is simply amazing. I picked a level 2 version for this card as you'll also want one. But to keep the costs low, you can start with a single copy. Another reason why you shouldn't rush things is that you'll need a level three rare summoner.

The mana requirement is steep, but it's worth it - two magic damage, resurrect ability, and at level two - inspire.

I love running this card together with Legionnaire Alvar if I anticipate a magic deck from my opponent. In such a case, the opponent must go through Alvars defense two times unless the River Hellondale or another card dies first.

This one is a situational card as it's purely defensive.

As an anti-magic setup, this card works better with the Bortus summoner. But at times, this card can work well also with Keyla.

Before buying it, rent for a couple of days to check if it works for you. If you don't find it that useful, skip it to cut the overall costs.

You probably already own a few copies of this card, as it comes from daily and season rewards. Pelacor Bandit does not have any fancy abilities, but he's a great stealth hitter. Combining high speed with the flying ability makes him hard to hit. At level four, he gains another attack point which makes him deadlier.

You can cut the costs by accumulating these cards from daily / season rewards. But it will for sure take some time.

Don't miss out on this card. It's great! "Protect" ability has saved the match for me numerous times. And I bet that it has worked for you as well. Two extra armor points may not seem that much, but trust me, they help a lot. And in combination with Keyla, that's three defensive points for each card in your deck.

It's more powerful at level four when it gains another magic attack point. But a level two version of this card will work just fine.

I'd say that you should try to get this card to level two. But you can always start with a single copy. Why level two? That's because Phase ability gets unlocked.

It's not always working, but if you manage to make a noticeable speed difference against your opponents' cards, you'll be able to see magic monsters miss this card.

Nevertheless, a single copy of this card can always come in handy.



Earth splinter

Here we'll have mostly magic cards mixed in with some others as Obsidian favors magic monsters.

CardPrice per BCXPrice, and level
Mycelic Morphoid~0.05$0.70$ Level 3
Venari Knifer~0.07$2.10$ Level 4
Hill Giant~0.05$0.70$ Level 3
Goblin Psychic~0.22$6.60$ Level 4
Mycelic Slipspawn~0.46$0.46$ Level 1
Regal Peryton~0.32$4.48$ Level 3
Mycelic Infantry~0.20$2.80$ Level 3
Queen Mycelia~20.50$61.50$ Level 2
Fungus Fiend~6.00$6.00$ Level 1
Pelacor Mercenary~0.03$0.90$ Level 4
Centauri Mage~2.45$2.45$ Level 1
Djinn Biljka~2.75$8.25$ Level 2

Total cost ~96.94$
Total cost ~55.94$ (with level 1 Queen Mycelia)

Things can get a bit pricy if you want to develop Queen Mycelia. This card is the second most expensive legendary from the Chaos Legion set. While it becomes great at level two, you can do well also with a basic version of it.

Let's take a look at the most interesting cards:

This card is a great filler that gains thorns ability at level three. It costs just one mana point to use, but you gain a lot. This card shines more in an equalizer ruleset as it can do both - do damage itself and damage the attacker via thorns.

Hill Giant can become a tank in low man fights. With a cost of just three mana points, it sure has a significant health pool. Plus, it can dish out some damage. The only downside is its low speed.

It's a bit costly card mana-wise. But if you want a healer for the new modern format, then you'll have to work with this card. It's slow, but it gets the job done. And once you level it up more, it will also deny the opponent from healing due to the affliction.

Compared to the Wood Nymph, the usage cost is rather steep. It needs two extra mana points. But it's the cheapest healer you'll get from the earth splinter.

I'd say it's a bit optional card as it gets better only at level four when it gains forcefield ability. Other than that, there are no additional defensive properties on this card. But there are some times where I'd run it. If you find it useful for your playstyle, grab a copy.

You'll need to combine it with Queen Mycelias's ability to survive longer.

You'll want a level three version of this card as it gains another magic attack point. On top of that, it's also great defensive-wise. Six-speed points combined with the flying ability make it hard to hit.
Naturally, it's also great for the Earthquake battle ruleset.


Queen Mycelia is a fun card to hold. It's expensive, but you'll see a real difference when running earth teams with or without her. A level one card already provides some good protection. But in combination with the amplify ability, it becomes something else.

If you can get it to level two - do it. Your cards with magic reflect, return fire, and thorns will be even more dangerous.


This card comes from the untamed edition, and it's a good idea to grab a copy of it. It's a magic monster with return fire ability. Combine it with Queen Mycelia, and opponents' ranged cards will be in trouble.

This card is, so to say, out of print. So it will be a bit expensive to get a higher-level card. But it's worth it. Plus, its high health will come in handy in back to basics battles.


And finally, we have Djinn Biljka. It's a low mana/health card, but it sure packs quite a punch in combination with Obsidian. A level two version (with void ability) will ensure that it will not die on the first attack in case of magic reflect.

Also, camouflage ability ensures that no one will attack this monster, thus increasing its chances to survive till the very end.



Life splinter

Here we'll focus more on ranged cards as General Sloan favors ranged monsters. But I'll also mix in others as one can't play successfully with a full ranged deck.

CardPrice per BCXPrice, and level
Stitch Leech~0.13$3.90$ Level 4
Blinding Reflector~0.07$4.20$ Level 5
Chaos Knight~0.07$4.20$ Level 5
Celestial Harpy~0.21$2.94$ Level 3
Time Mage~0.35$4.19$ Level 3
Pelacor Arbalest~0.30$7.50$ Level 4
Prismologist~1.50$1.50$ Level 1
Dax Paragon~1.41$5.64$ Level 2
Adelade Brightwing~9.50$28.50$ Level 2
Soul Fiend~6.00$6.00$ Level 1
Pelacor Conjurer~0.03$1.80$ Level 5
Venari Crystalsmith~0.14$3.50$ Level 4
Djinn Renova~0.50$0.50$ Level 1

Total cost ~74.37$

I included a couple of higher-leveled cards here as life splinter is relatively cheap, including the summoner. And because of that, you'll have access to some very useful abilities.

Let's take a look at the most interesting cards:

At level five, this card gain the magic reflect ability. And this card very often works very well in low mana fights when the opponent uses some magic monsters.

Combine it with Pelacor Conjurer, and you'll have an annoying frontal defense against magic attacks. The only downside for this card is its low attack potential - just one point.


This card is quite fun to hold. It works perfectly well in semi mid-mana matches due to its well-rounded stats. I'd want to see this card with more health, but it is what it is.

At level five, Chaos Knight also gains giant killer ability. And that can do considerable damage to a card that costs ten or more mana.


Low-mana cards are always great. In small mana battles, you can outnumber your opponent and most likely also out damage with more cards.

Two damage points, at level three, combined with flying and the opportunity ability for the cost of two mana is a great deal.


I like this card and use it quite frequently. Why so? It's because many cards from the life splinter are a tad slow. So, any card that modifies speed for my opponent or me is very welcome.


This card will be one of your main attackers. But only at level four does it gain somewhat decent speed. Because of that, I try to add supporting cards that modify my or my opponent's speed stats.

Once combined with General Sloan, this card can dish out six damage. It's a rather costly card (mana-wise), plus a bit squishy, but it sure makes a hard punch.


This one is a bit more protected card than Pelacor Arbalest, but it costs even more to use. The good news is that it can be devastating in the right conditions. E.g. in the snipe ruleset, it can do heavy damage with its blast ability. But the bad news is that it's slow, so there is a high chance that it will miss a faster opponent.


I love low-cost mana monsters, and this one is no exception. At level two, this card gains the amplify ability, and it goes well together with cards that have the reflect ability. E.g., Blinding Reflector and Pelacor Conjurer. It's great in small mana battles if you expect magic monsters.


Adelade Brightwing can be a game-changing card. Resurrect ability is powerful, but that's not the only one for this card. There's also flying (great for earthquake rule) and repair. That one works great in situations when magic first hits armor instead of health, or the monster has void armor ability (Legionnaire Alvar).

This card is slow and costly regarding mana, but it works great in many situations.


This one is both a great filler and tank. With a cost of two mana points, it has semi-decent survival stats. Good speed, flying ability, and later also the reflect ability. You're doing it wrong if you don't have this card in your arsenal. It will save your other cards down in the line before they get hit.


Your dedicated healing card. And a capable damage dealer at level four when combined with General Sloan. Three ranged damage points at the cost of four mana is a good deal.

The great thing is that it can also heal itself if it gets to the first position. So leave some monsters behind this one to get more time to damage your opponent. It's possible that you already have a few copies of this card as it comes from daily / season rewards.



Death splinter

In this splinter, we'll focus on various cards. Death splinter is more about debuffing your opponent.

CardPrice per BCXPrice, and level
Carrion Shade~0.04$0.56$ Level 3
Riftwing~0.12$7.20$ Level 5
Crypt Beetle~0.05$3.00$ Level 5
Silent Sha-vi~0.11$1.54$ Level 3
Life Sapper~0.22$5.50$ Level 4
Cursed Windeku~1.05$26.25$ Level 4
Magi Necrosi~2.20$2.20$ Level 1
Weirding Warrior~1.70$1.70$ Level 1
Djinn Muirat~7.80$23.40$ Level 2
Corpse Fiend~6.20$6.20$ Level 1
Lira The Dark~6.00$18.00$ Level 2
Pelacor Deceiver~0.03$0.90$ Level 4
Venari Bonesmith~0.10$2.50$ Level 4
Shadowy Presence~6.40$6.40$ Level 1
Harklaw~2.70$8.10$ Level 2

Total cost ~113.45$

I included a couple of higher-leveled cards as they become great once you get your summoner to the required level. But you don't have to level them all up at once. First, try them out if you're unsure about their utility.

The above list is a bit pricy, but you can always drop a monster or two to keep the costs down.

Let's take a look at the most interesting cards:

A non-attack card, but don't be fooled by that. It's great! Once you level it up, you'll gain the backfire ability. It damages your opponent if he misses your card. If you can make a good speed difference, you can watch your opponent destroying himself.


It's a great card in low mana situations with the equalizer ruleset. In that situation, you'll most likely gain some extra health points. Plus, the shield ability will give additional protection.

The downside is that only at level five this card gains some noticeable attack power.


This one is a situational card. Due to its low health, it's risky to use it in regular battle situations. But with the help of life leach, it shines in the equalizer ruleset. Then this card can increase its health considerably until the opponent gets to it.

You can leave out this card if you feel like you're using it rarely, as it's not that critical.


Cursed Windeku is great - thorns, good, speed, high health, and attack. Later on, self-healing ability is unlocked, but that one is usable only in the gold league.

It's a bit pricy to level him up, but he's worth it.


Quite often (unless all ranged/magic monsters have snipe ability rule) people do not place magic reflect monsters in the second position. So it's possible to surprise your opponent with this card.

This one also has camouflage ability. If you place this card at the very end, it will most likely survive till the very end of the battle. Of course, there are exceptions to it e.g. if blast ability targets the monster next to him.


Situational low mana card. I don't use it that often, but the shatter ability does help to change the course of that battle if I expect an armor-heavy card(s) in front.


This legendary monster is fun to use in many positions. In many cases, it can work as a great off-tank due to its high survival stats plus void armor ability that forces the opponents' monsters to destroy its armor first.

A level one version will work just fine. But at level two, you'll gain the giant killer ability. Once that hits a ten mana plus card, it hits hard.


Opportunity monsters are fun to use as they go after the weakest card. Lira does this great thanks to its high speed and ranged damage. While this card performs well in the Silver league, it starts to shine in the gold league when swiftness is unlocked.


Venari Bonesmith is another card with the life leach ability which performs better in the equalizer ruleset. But despite the other, this card possesses fewer risks in a regular ruleset.

What makes this card special is the poison ability. It can make your opponents' life rather annoying.


This one comes from the previous editions, but it's great to have it. It costs only one mana. But in return, you get a filler with multiple health points. Once you level it up, you'll also gain the strengthen ability.

The downside is the cost of this card as a single copy of it goes for ~7$.


Shield and immunity abilities make this card a great tank if there are no magic attacks. The downside is that it's a bit slow and does not hit that hard either.

But if the card can hold its ground, your supporting monsters can do the real damage.



Dragon splinter

Here you'll find many optional dragon cards, as with a dragon summoner, you can use any other splinters cards. That's also because quite a few cards can be a tad expensive. I'll mention only a few that are somewhat affordable.

CardPrice per BCXPrice, and level
Chaos Dragon~10.18$30.54$ Level 2
Desert Dragon~5.50$16.50$ Level 2
Void Dragon~5.70$17.10$ Level 2
Naga Assassin~0.10$2.50$ Level 4
Djinn Chwala~0.60$6.00$ Level 3
Robo-Dragon Knight~30.00$30.00$ Level 1
Carnage Titan~16.30$48.90$ Level 2

Total cost ~151.54$

As you can see, it can get rather expensive to own dragon cards. But they are great once surrounded with appropriate monster cards. Sure, there are many other useful ones, but if you're just starting to build a deck, try not to blow too much money on a single splinter.

Let's take a look at the most interesting cards:

I'm not a big fan of scattershot as it goes against a random target. But if it's accompanied by blast ability, it gets more interesting. You could get a lucky strike, but at the same time, it could be way off. One more positive thing about this card is its survival stats.

On the negative side is the mana cost. It's huge - 14 mana points. That makes this card usable only in high mana cost battles.


I don't own this card myself, but I've tried it out, and it can work miracles. It can be boosted to eight melee damage if surrounded by cards that boost melee damage.

When you combine it with this cards' piercing ability plus trample, it can get nasty. It's definitely on my buy list.


This card could be useful for some battles where you expect magic damage. But it's a bit more of a niche card that you may not use that often due to its low attack power.


It's a low mana card that can be deadly if you achieve a big enough speed difference between you and your opponent. The backfire ability will do its job as your opponent misses this card.

The great thing is that it costs only two mana to use. Because of that, it fits great in various situations.


This card has great defensive stats. And on top of that - thorns. That makes it even deadlier. Aim for at least a level two version of this card as it gains another attack point from there.


This card gets more interesting once it levels up a bit. But even a level one version could be useful at times (void and divine shield right from the start).

Do note that this card costs eleven mana points. So it's more useful in high mana cost battles. Also, it automatically becomes vulnerable to the new giant killer ability. But its high defensive stats can compensate it for a few attacks.


Carnage Titan is the latest airdrop card, and it's fantastic in the off-tank position. Leap ability, double strike, high melee attack, and lots of survivor stats. This card has it all.

The only downside is the high mana requirement which makes this card more viable for big mana battles. Also, it makes it vulnerable to giant killer ability.



Neutral splinter

Here we'll have a mix of cards as these are usable with any splinter. Don't forget to level them up! They will help greatly in your battles regardless of the splinter you start.

CardPrice per BCXPrice, and level
Supply Runner~0.13$7.80$ Level 5
Scavo Hireling~0.08$1.12$ Level 3
Disintegrator~0.08$4.80$ Level 5
Chaos Agent~0.10$6.00$ Level 5
Xenith Archer~0.13$1.82$ Level 3
Xenith Monk~0.68$9.52$ Level 3
Venari Spellsmith~0.22$5.50$ Level 4
Magi of Chaos~1.50$15.00$ Level 3
Legionnaire Alvar~6.20$18.60$ Level 2
Spirit Hoarder~10.50$10.50$ Level 1
Creeping Ooze~3.39$3.39$ Level 1
Gargoya Devil~0.10$2.50$ Level 4
Uraeus~0.52$5.20$ Level 3

Total cost ~91.75$

As you can see, it can get rather expensive to own dragon cards. But they are great once surrounded with appropriate monster cards. Sure, there are many other useful ones, but if you're starting to build a deck, try not to blow too much money on a single splinter.

Let's take a look at the most interesting cards:

This card becomes great only at level five. But once it gets there, the swiftness ability gets unlocked. That one is always useful in various situations (plus one speed for all the cards). Some matches can become a near-automatic win if you manage to run multiple speed adjustment cards.


Disintegrator is a handy card right from the beginning. Demoralize ability decreases the melee attack for all melee monsters that your opponent has. But again, this card gets better at level five. This time it's the trample ability.

While it's a decent combination, this card does not have that good stats to act as the main tank in a regular ruleset. I use it more in situations where melee can attack from any position.


Venari Spellsmith is one of the rare cards with the new amplify ability. It's from the neutral splinter, so it's usable with any other you'd use. This one e.g. could work well with the dragon splinter that, at this moment, does not have such a card.


I love this card. It works great when combined with a card that has resurrection ability. That's especially true if you're fighting a magic-heavy team. That way, Alvar will be resurrected with full armor. And here's the beauty of the void armor ability, magic monsters will need to destroy it again.

My only concern is this card's low speed. But that can be increased with supporting cards.


This one is a very squish card. But it's one of the rare ones that have the triage ability at a low level. That opens up a lot of different tactics that you can use to your advantage by healing back row cards.


Gargoya Devil is a cool three-ability card at level four. The most interesting, of course, is the death blow. It does double damage to the opponents' card if it's the only remaining. If it's combined with General Sloan, that would be 8 damage points.

The card itself costs quite a few mana points, so it will not be viable in many matches. But once it fits, it can turn the battle around with a single strike.


Of course, there are many other cards that you could check out. But these mentioned will give you a good base to work with and develop further.

On top of these, I often rent a couple of additional cards that enhance my deck further and make my battles easier. I'd like to own them, but some, for now, are out of my budget.

Well, that's it for this guide!

Hopefully, this will help you decide what cards to aim for when building your starter deck.

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This is an awesome post with so much effort put into it! I definitely agree with a lot, especially River Hellondale who is my favourite card right now!



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