My Splinterlands season Nr. (7) [with JACKPOT]


My seventh season is over. And quite a few things happened during it.

  • Finished it in Gold III, although I had the rating for Gold II league
  • Obtained high-value chaos legion card
  • In total gained 2.4 vouchers
  • Obtained 500+ SPS

If you're interested only in the jackpot part - scroll down to the part where I talk about the cards.

At the end of the season, there was the usual renting madness. I took part in it too but did not go crazy. Sure, it bumped up my rental prices a notch. But it was only for a day, and it did not cost me that much as I was close to gold III anyway.

I could have gone higher, but due to the high rental prices, I did not rent the extra 50k CP needed for the Gold II league and remained at the bottom of the gold league.

Some rentals naturally were canceled in the last few days. And some of those were quite funny as even a couple of regular foil shit cards were terminated. I had no problem replacing them, but still, it was hilarious.

But on a positive note - there have been some positive changes with my assets.


SPS and vouchers

With the help of Liquidity Pools, I've managed to increase my daily airdrop to 10+ SPS. And so far, I've accumulated 500+ SPS absolutely for free. A small amount for some, but I'm happy with it.

Also, with the help of the staked SPS, I've managed to acquire 2.4 vouchers. Not the amount I'm that happy with, but, at the time, I couldn't invest more in the SPS. But it's a thing I'm considering as there is a possibility that we'll not see the price tag of ~0.4 to 0.5$ for much longer.



Here's where the most noticeable changes have occurred during this season. If I look back at the previous season, my card collection was hovering at ~1.2k$. But after this season, it's at 1.9k$.

A lot of credit goes to the cards I already own as their price has increased even more. But the biggest price bump comes from a very lucky card pull.

But which one?

Ok, enough with the teasing - it was a Djinn Oshannus. And not just a regular version, it was a gold foil card!

How cool is that! First legendary and at the same time a gold foil!

Also, it came from a Silver I daily quest (just four chests). I was already happy when the chest started rumbling (first legendary pull), but a split second later, I began screaming like a madman as it started turning into gold!

Needless to say, I was smiling from ear to ear for some time after that :)

Also, the day before the lucky pull, I received good quest rewards (worth ~10$), so I had no high hopes for that day.

Here's some eye-candy from two great daily quest rewards in a row:

Daily I


Daily II


With the help of that pull, I increased my collection power to 29k. It brings me closer to the Silver II league without the need for renting extra cards. But while I'm not there, I'm just renting out the card to increase my income.


Season rewards

As I feared, season-end rewards were just bad. Out of 22 chests from the Gold III league, there wasn't even a single rare card. Just a bunch of commons and potions.

Luckily I didn't rent more CP as I had the rating to end in a higher league. But even then, it ended with a loss of ~2$.

Here's a lesson to be learned - don't gamble with expectations. You'll most likely lose in the long term.

If I got even the cheapest rare or two, I would be closer to breaking even, but the risk didn't pay this time. But yeah, that's not what I expected from Gold III rewards.

Here's the image with the loot I got:


Not yet playing the game? Join using this link and start earning today.


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