Rent to play in a higher league or slowly build your card deck by purchases.



Hey there! It's Garzug here with another article. Today I wanted to touch on the subject of renting a deck or building your own.

Well, eventually you'll want your own cards. But to be more specific - should you rent collection power for higher level silver or gold league.

As we all know then the bronze league was hit with the most changes. The rewards received a nerf to hinder the use of bots.

That however did hurt also the small-time and new players that were just starting to play. That's why for people in the bronze league new goal was to get to at least bronze I or even better in silver III league.

In those leagues, the rewards are better, especially in silver III as players get two reward chests instead of just one for quest completion.

That of course helps in building the deck with the new reward cards.

While 15k+ CP for Silver III league is a bit harder to attain, then 5k+ CP for the bronze league is rather affordable.

Of course, your own assets help in bringing the rental price down as you don't need to rent that many cards anymore.

But even if you don't have any you can find quite a few good deals using the rent tab.


However, the biggest mistake I've seen the new players do is to rent out a good deck and get enough collection power to advance to silver II or even I. But to get to that level it costs quite a bit.

And quite often they have only a single battle-ready splinter. That of course makes the player more predictable for counters resulting in more lost matches.

Of course, the DEC rewards will be considerably higher plus you'll get more reward chests. But the real question is if you'll get anything good out of those extra chests and will you cower the rental expenses for that day.

It's very much possible that you'll pull something good out from a single chest, but do you expect that to work every time? You could score one day and then get a couple of bad days in a row. E.g. my today's reward in the silver III league was two potions, the day before - 8 DEC.

Quite unlucky two days in a row, so no new cards to add to my collection.

You can't sustain luck

There's also the point of DEC rewards from battles.

I do believe that an experienced player would be able to rent some cards and still be quite profitable with his rented deck in a higher league than his owned collection allows him to.

But a new player that does not know the ins and outs of his cards and controls only one or two rented decks will most likely lose or profit just barely.

An economically wiser decision for new players would be to rent out first to the bronze I league, to have a better chance of getting rewards. That is if they hold no assets or have very little CP.

For the ones that already have some CP to work with the goal should be to rent the missing CP for the silver III league. At the bottom of the silver III league, many players are playing with just level 1 summoners and do it successfully.

So can you!

The most important advice - build your deck at your own pace, don't rush it!

It's a marathon not a sprint

On top of that, it would be great if new players would be directed more to There are a lot of good guides available that would stop the newbies from making financially bad decisions that hinder their growth.

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