Hello everyone! It's a new week and a new battle challenge. And in this challenge, the lucky monster comes from the water splinter. Today we'll play with the Deeplurker.

It's a mele monster that I use frequently. That's because of the cards' stats and the opportunity ability.


This card starts to shine at level four once it gains another attack point and a bit of speed. Once coupled with Kelya, it becomes quite a threat.

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On to the match itself.


  • Broken arrows
  • 36 mana
  • Fire, water, life, death splinters allowed

It was a semi-high mana battle, and I could fit in a couple of high-cost monster cards in my lineup.

And I did do just that.

My team

(Summoner) Kelya Frendul

I picked this summoner as magic or melee monsters were usable in this battle, and I wanted to go with melee to show off this card.
Of course, I also added some protection from magic if my opponent decided to use some magic cards.


(Spot 1) Legionnaire Alvar

This legendary card comes from the Chaos Legion packs.

I picked this card specifically in case my opponent would use some magic cards. Because of void armor, opponents' monsters would need to go through 14 defense points (armor + health). On top of that, Venari Wavesmith and Keyla increased that to 17 points thanks to their abilities.

That would give time for my other cards to damage the opponents' damage dealers.


(Spot 2) Deeplurker

This card is the star of this match. And I placed it in the second position if the Legionnaire Alvar would go down. That way, this card could still take some hits.

In this match, I used a level 4 version of this card. And it's absolutely brutal with its opportunity ability and 4 melee damage points.


(Spot 3) Venari Wavesmith

Next up I placed a support monster. Venari Wavesmith adds additional 2 armor points for all my cards. This synergized perfectly with my main tank - Legionnaire Alvar as opponents' monsters would have an even harder time killing him.


(Spot 4) Feasting Seaweed

Next up comes another opportunity monster. This time it's the Feasting Seaweed from the untamed edition. I like this double opportunity combo as quite often some key opponent cards are taken out in a single round.

It's a bit slower than Deeplurker, but it still packs a punch.


(Spot 5) Pelacor Bandit

Next, I added a sneak monster to put some pressure on the opponents' backline. It's the trustworthy Pelacor Bandit. He does not have any additional abilities, but he can still do quite a bit of damage.


(Spot 6) Uraeus

And finally, in the last spot, I placed another sneak monster. This one has an additional point of armor on him, so it came last. With this, my setup was complete - two opportunity and two sneak monsters.


As you can see, I picked a melee-heavy team that would target my opponents' backline and squishy cards.

But what did my opponent bring to the party? Let's have a closer look.

Opponents team

My opponent went with the death splinter mixed in with two magic cards.

The battle lasted just 3 rounds. Let's take a look at what happened.


During round one, my opportunity and sneak cards worked just great. Both ancient lich and undead badger were gone, and the battle was already in my favor.


During round two my cards took out both - Haunted Spirit, and Undead Priest. After that, it was just a formality to close the match.


Legionnaire Alvar worked just great as it was still standing at the end of the battle.

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time

My strategy for this match worked just perfectly. The opponent's team was dead, and I didn't loose a single card.
A complete success if you ask me where nothing has to be changed for this match.

Do you like the Deeplurker? Why or why not?

It's a great card that I use very frequently. It's fast, and it certainly packs a punch. Try a double or even a triple opportunity combo. That can be quite devastating on an unsuspecting opponent.


You can see the whole fight by clicking on the image below



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