Hello everyone! It's a new week and a new battle challenge. And in this challenge, we'll play with a dragon splinter. So any dragon card it is!

For this challenge, I picked a dragon summoner. I don't own a copy of that summoner, but I rent it from time to time to spice up my gameplay and make it more fun.

Today I'll play with Byzantine Kitty. I'm in the gold league, so I could use a level 3 legendary summoner, but that's a bit expensive. Plus, my deck isn't yet fully ready for the gold league and a max-level summoner. That's why I played with a level two Kitty.

I love this summoner because of its abilities: +2 speed, true strike (even the slowest card would hit any opponents card, and tank heal)

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On to the match itself.


  • Explosive Weaponry
  • Stampede
  • 52 mana
  • Water, Earth, life, Death Dragon splinters allowed

It was a rather high mana battle, and on top of that, it was with Explosive Weaponry ruleset. The one who strikes first is still quite important in high mana battles. That's why the Byzantine Kity was just perfect for this match.

I don't rent this card so often. But when I do, it's pretty fun! :)

My team

(Summoner) Byzantine Kitty

I picked this summoner as I like the massive speed bonus this summoner gives for my whole deck. And as in the ruleset, there was Explosive Weaponry, then I wanted to land early hits.

The summoner itself costs a whopping 7 mana points. That's why it's more suitable for a mid-mana or higher battles. Or course, there are always exceptions.


(Spot 1) Diemonshark

Because of the ruleset - Stampede, this card was picked as my main tank. I was betting on the high speed and enrage to do its job.

The only concern was magic attacks that could burn through his health points before this card could unleash its potential.


(Spot 2) Flying Squid

In the second spot, I placed my off-tank. It's rounded pretty well, and I was hoping that its health would take the extra damage from the explosive weaponry coming from my tank.


(Spot 3) Deeplurker

I like this card very much. Opportunity monsters can be devastating as they go for the weakest point in the opponents' deck. As this match had the Explosive Weaponry rule, I included this card to do maximum damage for the surrounding cards.

This card is a bit costly mana-wise, but it's worth it!


(Spot 4) Supply Runner

Supply Runner is a nice support card that greatly enhances the Byzantine Kitty. With such a combination, it's a three-speed bonus. Because of the Explosive Weaponry rule, I wanted to be the one who strikes the first hit(s). And hopefully, also kill a card or two.

Do note that this card gains swiftness only from level 5.


(Spot 5) Axemaster

Being just fast is not enough. And because of that, I added one more ranged card with another interesting ability that works well in the explosive ruleset. That one is a double strike.

It's perfect in this ruleset as each attack damages also surrounding cards, not just its primary target.


(Spot 5) Djinn Oshannus

And finally, in the last spot, I placed Djinn Oshannus. He's already naturally fast. But the extra speed buffs give some great defense against sneak monsters. Plus, the high health of the card would allow taking a few hits.


As you can see, I relied on high speed to hit first and hit hard.

But what did my opponent bring to the party? Let's have a closer look.

Opponents team

My opponent went with the earth splinter. Firstly it was Mylor, so some defense already from the melee attacks. And secondly, there were some big-name cards like - Oaken Behemoth, Kron, and Spirit of the Forst. Not bad on the paper, but how did it fare against my team?

The battle lasted just two rounds! Let's take a look at what happened.


During round one, my three fastest cards - Djinn Oshanus, Axemaster, and Supply Runner did heavy damage on the opponent's first two cards.

After that, next came my melee cards. And they took out both - Unicorn Mustang and Oaken Behemoth. That was even before they could even make a move. Thumbs up for the extra speed!

Only them, my opponent, could start his attack. But that wasn't strong enough to take down any cards from my deck.


During round two, Diemonshark led the attack as it was enraged. And with just a single hit, it took out two monster cards. And thanks to the trample ability, it made another attack on Kron, taking out half of his health.

It did lose some health thanks to the Mylors thorns, but it wasn't enough to stop it.

The rest of the battle was just a formality as my cards had to finish off the last bits of health remaining on the opponents' cards.

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time

My strategy for this match worked great. The opponent was defeated, and my team was still in full force. At first, I had some doubts due to the fact that half of my team consisted of melee monsters. But my ranged cards did enough damage at the start that the importance of thorns was neglected.

Do you like the Dragons? Why or why not?

I like this splinter as it has multiple strong cards and summoners. And the best thing is that a Dragon summoner can be combined with any splinter thus making some impressive teams.


You can see the whole fight by clicking on the image below



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