Hello everyone! It's a new week and a new battle challenge. And in this challenge, the lucky monster comes from the earth splinter. Today we'll play with the stone golem.

It's a melee tank monster that I use rather commonly when I play with the earth splinter. He comes with a shield ability right away, and at level 5, gains another ability, stun.


But the stun version of him can only be used starting from the gold league. That's because the maximum level for rare cards is 4 in the silver league.

Not yet playing? Join the game using this link.

On to the match itself.


  • Equalizer
  • Healed out
  • 18 mana
  • Earth, life, death, dragon splinters allowed

It was a low mana match, and on top of that, it had a very interesting modifier - an equalizer. This battle rule changes all monster hitpoints to the highest played friendly or foe monster.

That presents an opportunity to use multiple low health point monsters that would otherwise be a bit unreliable due to their survivability.

And I did do just that.

But first, why did I pick the earth splinter and stone golem for this match? Firstly, the water splinter wasn't allowed - a smaller chance to run into a heavy magic team. And secondly, I didn't see many magic monsters in my opponents' previous fights.

Only concern was magic reflect because I wanted to include a few magic monsters on my team.

My team

(Summoner) Wizard Of Eastwood

I picked this summoner as it's one of the cheapest to rent from the earth splinter. Sure, I don't have Mylors' thorns for every monster on my team, but the -2 shield for the opponent works well.

The best thing is that I can rent a relatively strong earth deck without costing me a fortune. Plus, in the silver league, Mylor isn't such a threat anymore. Of course, there's always an exception like e.g. all melee or only earth splinter allowed.


(Spot 1) Stone Golem

In the first position, I placed the star of this match. A level 3 version has not only decant attack stats but also survivor stats. On top of that, there's also the shield ability.

That's a perfect combination to take some beating. Of course, it's best to back up the tank with a healer, but this time it wasn't an option. So I hoped for the best that my piece of rock would live long enough.


(Spot 2) Brownie

Next up I placed Brownie. It's a melee monster with just two health points. But due to the match rules, he'd have quite a lot more. Because of that, he could be an off-tank in case the Stone Golem would give in.

Additionally, he has swiftness ability which increases my teams' speed by one point. Firstly that would help my damage dealers to gain an early hit. And secondly, my tank would have an increased chance to dodge an attack or two. If you're wondering about the dodge chance itself, check out the formula below.

(Speed Difference x 10%) + 25% (if there is dodge) + 25% (if there is flying but it won't work on other flying troops or snare troops) + 15% (if there is blind) = Evade Chance


(Spot 3) Goblin Sorcerer

Here comes a real damage dealer. It's a magic monster with sneak ability. The beauty in that is the unavoidable damage the monster in the back receives.

Melee monsters with sneak get slowed down by shield or high speed. But magic monsters do damage that can't be dogged unless faced by the new phase ability.


(Spot 4) Halfling Alchemist

Here's another monster card that suffers from survivability. One point in the shield helps, but that one health point is quite slippery. But again, with the help of the battle ruleset, he'll gain quite a few survival points.

This card has the halving ability. It cuts the monster's attack in half if it hits. That's quite useful in many situations, and it has helped me win matches against higher-level card decks.


(Spot 5) Creeping Ooze

A debuff card that I placed more to the back to protect my previous two cards. It goes well together with Brownie. The first card boosted my own teams' speed, while this one debuffs my opponent.

This combo would help me more to get the first hits and gain extra evade. As it's a low mana match, then it's best to gain the upper hand early.


(Spot 6) Djinn Biljka

And finally, I added one more damage dealer. This one is the new legendary card from Chaos Legion.

Naturally, I've placed it at the back so that it could dish out damage without worries. The camouflage ability prevents the sneak monsters to go for it directly. That's why this card can deal quite a bit of damage until it gets to the front line.


As you can see, I've added a lot of low mana and low health monsters in my lineup. But with the help of the match rules, they will gain enough health points to be reliable.

But what did my opponent bring to the party? Let's have a closer look.

Opponents team

My opponent also brought to battle earth splinter team. But his choice was Mylor Crowling.

The difference between our selections was the monsters we picked. While I went with quantity and filled all the spots, my opponent picked only three cards.

The battle lasted 5 rounds. Let's take a look at what happened.


After the first round opponents' strongest card - Chain Golem was severely debuffed. My tank Stone Golem on the other hand just received a small dent to his armor. On top of that, my Goblin Sorcerer started chipping away my opponent's last monster.


During round two, the opponents' Halfling Alchemist landed a hit and reduced my Stone Golems damage. But that wasn't important as he just needed to hold off the incoming attacks while my damage dealers did their part.


During round three my Stone Golem did perfectly and lost the last bit of armor due to thorns. That's because none of the opponents' monsters had damage higher than 1. Because of shield ability, my tank received 0 damage from opponents' attacks.


After round four, there was no mistake about the winner, and the remaining round was just a formality.



Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

My strategy for this match worked just perfectly. The opponent's team was dead, and I lost only a couple of health and shield points from my Stone Golem.
A complete success if you ask me where nothing has to be changed.

Do you like the Stone Golem? Why or why not?

This is a great tank card, and at level 5 it becomes even better when it gains the stun ability.
But it's viable for various matches at a much lower level. And I use it frequently when I play with earth splinter.

You can see the whole fight by clicking on the image below:



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