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Hello everyone! It's a new week and a new battle challenge. And in this challenge, the lucky monster comes from the neutral splinter. Today we'll play with elven cutthroat.

It's a sneak monster that I use commonly. It's not an impressive card, but it has its uses, especially if it gains a few levels and gets its attack boosted by another monster card.


As you can see, then he gets another attack point only at level 4. So the card is a bit better for the silver league. But even then, a basic level 1 version has its use.

Why don't we put it to the test and use it against a mighty adversary - Kron + Llama combo.

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On to the match itself.


  • Stampade
  • Holy protection
  • 22 mana
  • fire, earth, life, death splinters allowed

It was a semi-low mana match. And I was sure I'll get the Llama + Kron duo. That was because the earth splinter was allowed, and my opponent has used it previously.

The thing with this duo is that Kron usually is moved to the back as the last monster. That is intentional so that he would be the last one remaining. Now with the last-stand ability, he turns into a real killing machine with lots of healing.

But because most of the time he's placed as the last monster, then this card can be countered with sneak monsters.

Problems could arise if at the front there is another strong self-healing monster, e.g. Flesh golem.

That is harder to win, but not impossible.

And as I mentioned sneak ability, then in this match, I used it heavily. Let's look at the team that I've put together.

My team:

(Summoner) Owster Rotwell

I picked this summoner to put a bit extra pressure on the Kron. This summoner gives magic reflection to all monsters - sends reduced magic damage back to the attacker.

Also, I wanted to play with death splinter as it had a card that I wanted to use in this match.

(Spot 1) Furious Chicken

As this card costs 0 mana, then it's a no-brainer to add it to the deck if there is a spot left, and no more mana to use.

In this match, this fellow served as a meat shield for the sole purpose to protect my other cards.

(Spot 2) Shadowy presence

This is another card that served as a meat shield. It costs only 1 mana, but in exchange, I get quite a bit of health.

This card was the reason why I wanted to play with death splinter in this match. My opponent would need to attack it a couple of times to bring it down.

(Spot 3) Elven Cutthroat

The Star of the match got placed in the third spot. It was done mainly to protect my other damage dealers that can dish out bigger damage.

(Spot 4) Skeleton Assassin

Another sneak monster with a bit better speed and health if we compare him to the Elven Cutthroat.

(Spot 5) Sand Worm

My biggest damage was placed at spot number five. That was done with the intention to keep him alive for as long as possible.

For some reason, his stats did not show up. But for reference, they are 5 melee attack, 2 speed, and 6 health.

(Spot 6) Uraeus

And lastly, in the last spot, I placed Uraeus. It's a new card from the chaos legion set. It's a rather slow sneak monster but it has a god attack, and I needed it in this match.

This monster also has 1 shield and because of that, I placed him at the back in case my opponent would also have a sneak monster.

As you can see then in this match I went with a heavy sneak approach. I had a meat shield in the front and a bit of protection on my backend.

But what did my opponent bring to the party? Let's have a closer look.

Opponents team:

I got what expected - a Kron plus Llama duo. But because of that, my opponent had very little mana to use for other cards. And the only one he added was Goblin Thief.

Luckily there was no Furious Chicken on his deck so his goblin had to go through my meat shield monsters first.

As this match also had divine shield ability then it slowed him down considerably.

The battle took four rounds. Let's take a look at what happened.


After the first round, his Goblin and Kron managed to take down only the chicken thanks to the divine shield. By my team, however, was nearly finished with the Kron. With just 3 health remaining it was clear that he'll not stay up for long.


During round 2 my team finished off the Kron while still being in full force, except the mighty chicken.


During round 3 the Goblin gained the last stand ability, but it wasn't enough. He had to finish off Shadowy Presence and then my four damage dealers which all still had a divine shield.


Naturally, that didn't happen and a victory was earned. This can also be an example where less is more and quantity beats quality.

Sometimes Kron plus Llama users are a bit too overconfident in semi-low mana matches where they can't add more cards to the deck. And it can cost them a victory.

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

My strategy for this match worked just perfectly. The opponent's team was dead and while I had lost only my meat shield cards (Furious Chicken and Shadowy Presence).

A complete success if you ask me where nothing has to be changed.

Do you like the Elven Cutthroat? Why or why not?

This card is not that special as it has no interesting abilities even when it's leveled up. But it has its uses in various matches, e.g. like in this one where I needed as many sneak cards as possible.

This card is more interesting if its attack gets boosted by another monster card though.

You can see the whole fight by clicking on the image below:



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