Hello everyone! It's a new week and a new battle challenge. And in this challenge, the lucky monster comes from the water splinter. Today we'll play with the Kulu Swimhunter.

It's a ranged monster that I use from time to time when the battle rules have specific mana limits.


This card does not have any special abilities. But at the cost of four mana, it's rounded pretty well.

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On to the match itself.


  • Explosive weaponry
  • Heavy hitters
  • 36 mana
  • Fire, water, death splinters allowed

It was a semi mid-mana battle, and on top of that, it was with Explosive weaponry ruleset. Quite a fun combo to play in.

But it had to be done, and I wanted to feature the Kulu Swimhunter in this battle. Based on the ruleset, I made my team as follows.

My team

(Summoner) Kelya Frendul

I picked this summoner as it provides both extra shield and speed. That's a good synergy for this kind of match. Take some of the opponents' hits and strike first.

It's one of my favorite summoners because of the extra protection and speed. Of course, it has its weaknesses, and that's magic unless a good tank is used.


(Spot 1) Diemonshark

In the first spot, I placed this Diemonshark, as it has two fantastic abilities - enrage and trample. If a trample would trigger even once, it could cause quite some damage with explosive weaponry.


(Spot 2) Deeplurker

Deeplurker is a fantastic card. I love it, as it has opportunity ability, good speed, and health. And most importantly - damage.

Opportunity ability in this type of match could cause quite some trouble.


(Spot 3) Venari Wavesmith

I picked it for one reason. And that is due to its protection ability. Two extra armor points in this kind of match could be helpful against melee and ranged cards.


(Spot 4) Sniping Narwhal

This one is a low-level card, but it has snipe ability. That means it could potentially damage other surrounding cards on the opponents' deck.


(Spot 5) Feasting Seaweed

Here's another opportunity card. I love to play double opportunity teams. Quite often, it's possible to take out a card or two during a single round. And with explosive weaponry, this would be even more deadly.


(Spot 6) Kulu Swimhunter

And finally, the star of this match - Kulu Swimhunter. This card isn't that special, but I was sure that it would make at least a hit or two before giving up.


As you can see, I was playing various cards so that explosive weaponry would affect the opponent as much as possible.

But what did my opponent bring to the party? Let's have a closer look.

Opponents team

My opponent went with the death splinter. His lineup had quite impressive cards, plus the deck was of higher quality than mine. But how did it fare against mine?

Quite a lineup to face in any other ruleset. But in this match, my opponent had a weakness - quite a few low health cards with no extra protection.

The battle lasted just 3 rounds. Let's take a look at what happened.


During round one, my first two cards suffered most of the damage. But at the same opponents, Uraeus and Spirit Miner was taken out. Diemonshar took quite a beating, but it still held up nicely, plus it was enraged. That could possibly lead to bigger explosive damage.


During round two the match was decided. My team slammed through the opponents' remaining lineup and left Cornealus with a single health point.


Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time

My strategy for this match worked great. My cards did suffer some damage but came out victorious. This proved that my choices before this match were right - spread out the explosive weaponry damage as much as possible.

Do you like the Kulu Swimhunter? Why or why not?

It's a decent card that I use from to time. But mostly, I pick other cards instead of Kulu. Nevertheless, it's a nice card to have.


You can see the whole fight by clicking on the image below



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