Hello everyone! It's a new week and a new battle challenge. And in this challenge, the lucky monster comes from the earth splinter. Today we'll play with the Mycelic Morphoid.

It's a mele monster that I often use in low mana matches.


Mycelic morphoid is a single mana card with thorns that get unlocked at level three. It may not look much to you now, but if it gets extra protection or gets played in equalized ruleset it becomes something else.

But a level three version of it should be the minimum you should aim for maximum impact.

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On to the match itself.


  • aim true
  • close range
  • 15 mana
  • Fire, water, earth, dragon splinters allowed

It was a low-mana battle, so it was the perfect time to play this card and stack multiple cards in my deck.

I had two choices - to put it in the back for protection against sneak monsters. Or put it in front to take the initial hit(s).

My team

(Summoner) Obsidian

I picked this summoner as it provides +1 to magic damage. And I wanted to play two magic cards in this match.

I do like this magic summoner. But still, I would prefer Alric over Obsidian as I like water magic deck more than earth.


(Spot 1) Fungus Fiend

In the first spot, I placed Fungus Fiend. It's a nice filler with a zero mana cost. So in small mana matches, it's a no-brainer to use such cards. If I get lucky, this card could also do some damage.


(Spot 2) Failed Summoner

Failed summoner is a great tank card, especially if the opponent uses magic. With the magic reflect ability, it can seriously hurt the opponent. Also, this card has a good health pool and can take a few hits before going down.


(Spot 3) Chaos Agent

Next, I placed another tank card that would take a hit before the opponent gets to my magic damage dealers. This card requires only one mana point, but it's well worth it.

At level five, this card has three health points and dodge ability. It can certainly help to slow down the opponent.


(Spot 4) Queen Mycelia

Finally, at spot number four, I placed my first damage dealer. Here comes Queen Mycelia!

I use it very often, as, at level two, she has two abilities - protect and amplify. Amplify goes well together with my other cards that benefit from her. Stronger magic reflect from the Failed Summoner, and thorns from the mycelic morphoid.

On top of that, the protect ability helps to shield my team from melee attacks.


(Spot 5) Mycelic Morphoid

And in spot number five, I placed this matches star - Mycelic Morphoid. I could have placed it more to the front. But I thought that my opponent could use some sneak monsters.

If that would happen, then the thorns would punish those cards.


(Spot 6) Djinn Biljka

And finally, in the last spot, I placed Djinn Biljka, my other damage dealer. With the camouflage ability, this card would survive until the very end, dishing out 3 magic damage every round.

Djinn Biljka also is a low-mana card, so it was just perfect for this match.


As you can see, I was two magic damage dealers and multiple fillers that can take the damage and protect my magic cards.

But what did my opponent bring to the party? Let's have a closer look.

Opponents team

My opponent went with the water splinter. His lineup included a self-healing card and a single ranged attacker.

My opponents' lineup was of higher quality. And on top of that, it contained a self-healing card. But was it enough to outheal my magic damage? Let's find out.

The battle lasted 6 rounds. Let's take a look at what happened.


During the first round, the opponent managed to take down Fungus Fiend. But the Sea Monster was damaged as well. The magic damage was a bit too much to heal through.


During the second round, my Failed Summoner took quite a bit of damage. But he was still holding. Sea Monster, on the other hand, was just barely alive.


In the third round, the Sea Monster was dead, and the remaining match was just a formality as my opponent didn't have enough firepower to take me down.


In round five, Queen Mycelia was stunned by Igor Darkspear, but he was immediately destroyed by Djinn Biljka afterward.


Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time

My strategy for this match worked great. I came out victorious. But I probably should have placed the Mycelic Morphoid to the front as my opponent did not include any sneak monsters in his lineup.

Do you like the Mycelic Morphoid? Why or why not?

It's a great card that I use very often. Single mana cost, thorns ability is superb, and should not be looked down upon.


You can see the whole fight by clicking on the image below



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