What went right/wrong, a battle review. Episode 1



Hello everyone, this is the first post of such kind from my side. I'll feature here some of my battles and use the SBT token (made by @itzinjafool) to tip the guys/girls that get featured.

I haven't yet decided about the amount to give out, but, most likely, I'll start small. Later I'll adjust the numbers.

And don't worry, it's by no means a gloating post, there will also be failures from my end, and I'll try to explain what went wrong.

Hopefully, this will also give new players more knowledge about the card mechanics, synergies, and combat rules.

Of course, one with better cards will have advantages over a player who doesn't have access to them. But even an outclassed deck has a chance if played right.

Check your opponents' previous battles to determine what he could throw at you. Check combat rules and try to set some counters.

This way, I've won quite a few battles and most likely lost a fair share too.

Alright then, let's get to the main point of this post - the battles themselves.


Battle I

In the first battle, let's look at a failure on my part.


Click on the image to see the battle

I had a feeling that my opponent will go with a magic lineup, and because of that, I used some cards with magic reflect ability.

To make these cards more annoying I also added - Dax Paragon. This card is a real gem. It costs just 2 mana to use, has magic damage, and at level 2 gains the amplify ability.

If you didn't know then this ability increases magic reflect, return fire, and thorns damage.

It was a tight battle, but in the end, I lost. The wrong thing on my part was the luminous eagle in the second position. I should have left the Pelacor Conjurer in the second spot and selected another sneak/opportunity monster. Or add a ranged card.

Sent 500 SBT to @amethyst20


Battle II

In the second battle, I got the upper hand and won the match. This match had the equalizer and no melee rules. And on top of that, this was a small mana cap battle.

So this left only two options - either magic or ranged monsters.


Click on the image to see the battle

I went with the ranged approach. So I picked two cards that helped me tremendously General Sloan as a summoner and Pelacor Arbalest as my main damage dealer.

To make my lineup better, I added three more ranged cards with a total cost of 5 mana.

Great help in this match was the Pelacor Conjurer card as my opponent went with a magic lineup. Magic reflect ability gave extra damage on top of my ranged attackers that obliterated my opponent's deck.

As a reminder - make use of small mana cost cards in this situation. As you can see, because of that, I could fill out my deck fully while my opponent had one card less.

Sent 500 SBT to @salvao