Why should you build a competitive deck sooner rather than later?



Hi there, Garzug here!

Today we'll look into deck building and why it's necessary to build a competitive one.

Of course, there's always the renting option. But playing that way will diminish your returns. Or, in the worst-case scenario - you'll even lose if you'll gamble on daily / eos rewards.

That's why you should strongly consider building your own.

If you're starting to build a deck, then check out my previous post. I compiled a list of monsters that will help you to get started. You can find it here.

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But let's get back to the original topic.

It's advisable to build a strong deck because of the SPS rewards. Right now, the primary source of SPS for most is the airdrop. But slowly, it's coming to an end.

As of this moment, a bit over 100 days are remaining. After that, your best bet on gaining SPS will be from playing the game.

Take a look at these play to earn rewards.


You'll be able to gain SPS from various sources - ranked battles, tournaments, brawls, and even land.

If we sum up all the rewards, it totals around 50% of all monthly SPS rewards. And that is just from playing the game. How cool is that!

If we look at it deck-wise, then the silver league might be the sweet spot for many players. That's due to the relative price tag for a competitive deck.

Rewards in the silver league are just fine, and a well-balanced deck will give you great flexibility to earn from most of the pools.


Sure, SPS at the moment is down to ~0.11$ from its all-time high of ~1$. But it will surely start to gain more value after the airdrop.

There are some exciting times ahead, and those that prepare for the future now will reap the benefits later.

You can learn more about the SPS token and rewards following this link:


Because of that, you'll want a competitive deck to get the most of it. It's also the right moment to build it. Because I highly doubt that the card prices will fall much lower.

Sure, there could still be a drop, but in my opinion, it's near the bottom price tag.

So start building your deck that is competitive against other players.

Once Chaos Legion and Riftwatchers packs are sold out, the price of cards will surely go up. People that want them will put pressure on the circulating card market.

On top of that, one more thing will affect the card market.

That's land.

From what we know so far, the land will also require cards. That will further diminish their availability, thus driving up the price.

But it will take some time.

The latest town hall revealed that the land will be delayed. So this point will not affect the market that much in the near future.


Check this hive link if you haven't read it yet.


Good read and thanks for sharing. I definitely agree with your views on this being the bottom, and with fully 50% of the P2E rewards coming from playing the game (and the other 50% from being smart with the assets you earned from playing the game) it'll be even more important to have the deck to be able to compete effectively.


Thanks for explaining the importance of owning cards and building a competitive deck!