BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! - Little League


Hi Guys! In this post we are exploring on another Splinterlands ruleset. The ruleset we are focusing on is Little League.

Little League

Little League ruleset is simple. Only units and summoners with a mana cost of 4 or less can be used.

Lets take a look at a Modern ranked match with Little League as one of the ruleset. The battle restrictions are:
Taking Sides and Little League with a max mana of 27. Only Earth, Life, Death and Dragon splinters are allowed in this battle. The Video for the Full Battle can be seen here:



SplinterMana CostPositionReason
Thaddius Brood4SummonerAs I had no idea what the opponent was going to use in this match from the pattern of his/her last 5 matches, I went with the safer option, Thaddius Brood. If my opponent used Obsidian, Thaddius will counter that +1 magic damage and add another -1 health to the opponent. If my opponent went for a melee/range lineup then it will also face some problem as I intend to use Riftwing as the tank.
Riftwing41stRiftwing is one of the best low mana tank against a non-magic lineup. It has good health and has Backfire and Scavenger ability. It is also fast and is a Flying unit. This made it hard to hit Riftwing with melee or ranged attack.
Shadow Snitch42ndI placed Shadow Snitch as the secondary tank because it has good health and can hit from the second position with its Reach ability.
Revealer43rdI added Revealer in for its Stun ability.
Ravenhood Warden44thRavenhood Warden's Protect ability was why I chose it. Giving 2 armor to all my units was important especially if I am facing a ranged/melee lineup
Venari Bonesmith44thI added Bonesmith for its Poison ability. Poison is devastating in a low mana match where most of the units are of lower health.
Soul Strangler34thI had a hard time deciding what to use for the last 3 mana. Was torn between using Soul Strangler which has 2 ranged attack or Life Sapper. Unfortunately my Life Sapper is only level 2 and has only 1 magic attack so I went with Soul Strangler.
Total Mana:27

Opponent Lineup:

My opponent went with a surprising Life lineup. Life is a good lineup to use as well in this match because you can use Pelacor Conjurer as the tank and it is a very good low level tank as well with its Magic Reflect and Flying ability. I usually paired Pelacor Conjurer with Dax Paragon though but the opponent opt for a low level Binding Reflector instead. A level 5 Binding Reflector would have Magic Reflect as well. Then again my own unit isn't that high level as well. My Soul Strangler is also only level 2 so we all do what we can with what we have.

Anyway lets see how it went.

End of Round 1:


The opponent Venari missed its attack and got backfired for 2 damage. Meanwhile my magic units were also taking damage from the opponent Pelacor Conjurer's Magic Reflect ability. But by the end of the round, the enemy tank was down while my Riftwing is intact because it also gained health via the Scavenger ability on dying units.

My backline was vulnerable though due to the opponent's Sneak unit. This is why Protect is important in such low mana matches.

End of Round 2:


My Soul Strangler is dead. It didn't do much on the offense but it did allow my Venari Bonesmith time to gain some health through Life Leech. The opponent's Binding Reflector will die in the next turn from Poison so it looked like I am in control of the match now.

End of Round 3:


My Riftwing dodge another attack in this turn and reflect back another 2 damage. On the other hand the enemy Time Mage also dodge the attack from my Shadow Snitch. As of this point my opponent is left with only 3 units and one of them is a ranged which is useless in attack at the first position.

End of Round 4:


My Riftwing is finally dead but so was the entire enemy team! Quite an easy victory for this match. I did have a very hard time the past few days in the Modern Silver league. Everyone seems to have full silver deck these days.

My strategy for this battle was simply to use Poison to kill off my opponent while protecting my entire lineup with Protect. I also used a summoner that has -1 magic attack to counter magic attacking team.

I don't have a lot of success with Little League matches to be frank but one of the few things that usually help me is going with unit with Protect ability. But if you know the opponent is going to use magic units then Protect is not going to help. You should instead go for Magic Reflect or Void/Void Armor in that situation.


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