How to buy SPS and DEC using your BNB



I am a brand new player to Splinterlands so initially I didn't really understand how to get DEC and SPS into my account - I have no clue what Hive Engine is and Tron Trade requires some dodgy (IMHO) plugins in the browser, so ....nope!

I've decided to do it proper crypto way😎 So I've bought some BNB on Binance😉

Once I've got it I withdrawn it (IMPORTANT) using Binance Smart Chain network (I used Metamask as my wallet). Now our BNB sits on the chain and we can access it from different locations.

Disclaimer: you follow this tutorial on your own responsibility. Be VERY CAREFUL what you click in Google search - I saw ads with fake sites! Before swapping anything make sure you are on the right website! It is also very good idea to send a very small amount to check the whole process

Buying SPS

If you want to get some SPS, you need to use Pancake Swap:


You will have to connect your wallet and import SPS token - I did it and wasn't scammed. Happy days.

Now you proceed with the swap and you have some SPS on the same address as your BNB (you will have to add SPS token to Metamask itself if you want to see it).

Once you have it, log into your Splinterlands account and link your Binance Smart Chain wallet using Link External Wallet from the menu (it should trigger your Metamask):


Then you should be able to see your balance on the bottom of the Splintershards page (it may take a while to load, you may have to refresh the page few times etc)


Once you see your balance, use Transfer button and then select amount, Binance Smart Chain from the dropdown menu and finally press Transfer In button.

You should see your SPS in the game. Hurray!

Buying DEC

It is very similar story, except that you have to use Cub Finance Swap


Once you have your DEC, you can import it into the game in a very similar way using DEC panel:


Select the correct amount, Binance Smart Chain wallet and press Transfer in button.


Enjoy your new crypto in your Splinterlands account!