Splinterlands troubles!



I started playing Splinterlands recently and I absolutely love it - great game, great mechanics and great marketplace.

Unfortunately there are also not-so-great aspects and I've been caught in not-so-great situation:

My 200+ SPS transfer got stuck.

I followed the path I tested earlier (bought it via Pancake Swap on Binance Smart Chain and then importing it through the game - as I wrote HERE) so it was a little bit unexpected. On the other hand Chaos Legion presale was about to start so many people were doing transfers so the game engine had to be super busy.

Sh*t happens.

Now for the last 4 days I am sitting on Splinterlands discord, trying to persuade someone to fix it.

I even started befriending moderators there :)

So as the strategy for the future I will probably send anything worth more than 100$ in chunks, so it doesn't get stuck as a whole.

Keep you funds safu ♥️♥️♥️