[splinter-info] Delegating accounts? This will help you with the card distribution after the season!


A lot of people are delegating accounts (letting others players play them) and split the rewards at the end of each season. It can be tiresome (especially for accounts in Diamond and higher) to go through all the rewards that were obtained during the season.
That's why another command has been added to splinter-info: $reward


$rewards <username>

This command will give you an accumulated overview of every reward chest that has been opened during the last season.


PlayerThe players username
SeasonThe last season id
Season Rewards IncludedAre the end of season rewards included in the accumulated results
DECAll DEC earned from reward chests
Alchemy PotionsAll Alchemy Potions earned from reward chests
Legendary PotionsAll Legendary Potions earned from reward chests
CardsAll Cards earned from reward chests (more detailed below)

There are some issues with the Splinterlands-Api when it comes to getting the end-of-season rewards. Sometimes they are not shown (even in peakmonsters it isn't visible), that's why the Season Rewards Included is added, to inform you if this is missing from the below results. Since the current season, you can check the end-of-season rewards in the game directly though.

The reward cards have their own table for better overview and are displayed as follows:

CardsTotal amount of reward cards earned and name of the card
Rarity(C)ommon, (R)are, (E)pic, (L)egendary, (G)old Foil
Total Burn ValueThe burn value of the card multiplied by the amount of cards earned

This tool should make the end-of-season distribution much faster. If you are just curious what you earned in the previous season, this tool is definitely for you.

How to integrate the bot into your Discord Server?

If you are an admin of a Discord Server and like to integrate splinter-info there, follow the below steps and you are ready to use it:

  1. Create a new channel called splinter-info
  2. Click here and choose the server you want to add the Discord Bot to (You need admin privileges to do so)
  3. Authorize the bot to read and write messages
  4. Use the bot as described above

Previous Posts

Future Features

  • Give guild information
  • Add table with conversion rates for DEC/Hive/Dollar
  • Add information for Gladiator Packs and Merrits

If you have any suggestions for future utilities, that this bot should have, please let me know!

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Is this bot still working? Cuz it stopped working on my server and shows offline since a few days after the Guild Contributions feature was added. I've since reauthorized the bot since the Rewards feature was added as well.