[splinter-info] Introducing $guild_ commands


With the introduction of Brawls 2.0 Guilds have become increasingly popular by the majority of people playing Splinterlands. Since I am the Co-Leader of the Team Possible Warriors I wanted to create a tool to give me (and everyone who is interested) a quick and easy overview of some of the key values regarding guilds.


$guild_member <username>

The most basic information about a players association within a guild. It provides the following information:

NameThe players username
GuildThe guild the player belongs to
RankThe players rank within the guild
Member SinceThe duration in weeks how long the member has been part of the guild
HallThe players contribution to the Guild Hall
LodgeThe players contribution to the Lodge
ArenaThe players contribution to the Arena
BarracksThe players contribution to the Barracks
ShopThe players contribution to the Guild Shop
TotalThe players total contribution (all above contributions accumulated)

I chose to display the Member Since in weeks, because most of the guilds I know have weekly contributions, which makes it easier to track if someone is falling behind on that.

Bear in mind that if someone left the guild and came back, their contribution as well as the Member Since column will be reset to 0.

$guild_member monstermother

$guild_overview <guild_name>

A short overview of the most important characteristics of a guild:

NameThe guilds name
RankThe overall ranking compared to all other guilds
RatingTotal rating of the guild
HallThe level of the Guild Hall
LodgeThe level of the Lodge
ArenaThe level of the Arena
BarracksThe level of the Barracks
ShopThe level of the Guild Shop
CrownsThe total Crowns this guild currently owns

$guild_overview Team Possible Warriors

$guild_contributions <guild_name>

This will probably be the most useful part of this update. The guild_contributions command will show the contributions of all members of a certain guild. It provides nearly the same information as the $guild_member command, but as a compact view for the whole

$guild_contributions Team Possible Warriors


How to integrate the bot into your Discord Server?

If you are an admin of a Discord Server and like to integrate splinter-info there, follow the below steps and you are ready to use it:

  1. Create a new channel called splinter-info
  2. Click here and choose the server you want to add the Discord Bot to (You need admin privileges to do so)
  3. Authorize the bot to read and write messages
  4. Use the bot as described above

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Future Features

  • Give guild information
  • Add table with conversion rates for DEC/Hive/Dollar
  • Add information for Gladiator Packs and Merrits

If you have any suggestions for future utilities, that this bot should have, please let me know!

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