Good News for High Level Players!

Who remembers the days of making 200-300 DEC per win? Will the change to the rewards system bring us back to those days of glory?

new rewards.png

As a champion player whose seen a continual decline in ranked battle rewards, I'm EXCITED to see how much high league players will be earning next season! The changes to the rewards system, if you didn't see, will cap the rewards players can earn by their league level, so less of the DEC reward pool will be eaten up by bronze players with gold rating etc.

I imagine this will lead to an increase in rewards for higher league players, and honestly, I think this might have been a goal of the dev team when crafting this change: to reward players who've invested the most. While I don't think the increase will be drastic enough to bring us back to the $1/win days, at this point, anything more than a measly 20 DEC/win will feel like winning the lottery!

KUDOs to the devs for tackling a very important task in protecting the future of the Splinterlands play-to-earn ecosystem and economy.


Let me know what your expectations are in the comments!

As always, NFA! DyoR

Blessings, fam