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I am going to try something different this time. Most of the time I try and win with the card. But I had a hard time and it was time to stop burning ECR. With that in mind, this battle where I ran into a very strong team seemed fun to share. It happens to all of us, We run into these guys. Make sure you check out the Challenge here if you want to take part in this. You still have a few days to get a post in.

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You might know what is coming but the Hill Giant is a useful card. At 3 costs it can have up to 9 life and it is a card with a Stun. I don't have that in silver where I play. Now I rented this one for a few days and have been trying it out. It has been fun for sure to use it but it hasn't been winning when I try to force it into bigger mana. I know he is more of a star in low mana and reverse speed. That is where he can shine attacking early and later on stunning people before they can attack. Now in a normal game, he is a lot of HP for low mana why he is so good in the under 16 mana matches. For those of us that can't get a failed summoner then this guy can fit in. Yet wait till we get to the battle. Or Watch It Here

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The Line Up
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Well well, I see you bought a bit more gold than I did. Oh and is that a Legendary summoner. I see you guys are slumming it down here with me in silver 2. Pretty odd this late in the season but maybe you took some days off as I did? Well this is a Knock out battle and with no death team there isn't really a stun to use so I went with a nice strong magic team. I toss the Hill giant upfront cheap tank and then put the slipspawn in the back to give him some cover. Maybe in 1 on 1, he can outlast the other tank. Then I pick my best mages and with 7 mana I go with the bit slow archer because he has splash. When I saw his time I was like well maybe. I mean I could maybe get lucky. But I think all the gold just tricked my eyes. He has double repair and heal with okay damage back there.

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Round 1
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Now that I have my magic buffs. Yet look at that void armor. When we look at the speeds it is a mixed bag. I have one fast guy that will go first but only take some armor. Then my slipspawn will take some fire and he will get a repair then I will hit his armor and he will get a repair again at the end but I will land a few more hits. Not much happens to his team at all but my Slipspawn takes a beating.

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Round 2
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This might almost look like my team did okay. I mean his armor is gone and I hurt him a little and my guys are all still living. Oh how fast that changes this round. I do get him down to 6 hp but then the repairs and heals hit and Uriel deals a massive blow to my Giant right after they finish off my slipspawn. Things just go very wrong from there.

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Round 3
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Well look at that they are all back up to full health and 2 of my guys are gone. Uriel doesn't get to attack this round but now there is no real way for me to win this fight. But how long can I last?

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Round 4
2022-07-23 19_44_04-Window.png

Well now Uriel has armor and one more of my guys is dead. Those rounds without his attack do slow them down but I might be in trouble this round right.

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Round 5
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Haha look at that made it to round 5 and now we'll look at this can I make it to the next one? Yup because they won't have enough damage to finish me off.

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Round 6
2022-07-23 21_12_03-Window.png

When my GOBLIN TOWER stands alone it is over for sure.

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Well, Nikojen, I hope I don't run into you again soon. The very well-made team that would be hard to deal with for sure. Make sure you sign up to player Splinterlands and earn money while you do it. Oh and check this out you can sometimes make money when you blog about getting your butt kicked.