It has been a bit for them to give us a look at a new card on the Water team. For sure Kulu Swimhunter is a nice new card. I am sure that a lot of people like to use it. I have no doubts that he fits into a lot of teams. Make sure you check out the Challenge here if you want to take part in this. This is a cheap card right now so easy to get him to a good level even for me.

water devide.png
2022-04-10 21_03_01-Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Kulu Swimhunter might seem out of place as archers are overlooked on the water team. Yet they have a few that are really good cards. Does Kulu Swimhunter join the good ones? Well, let's look. At 4 cost he is great at the damage to cost ratio being 1 to 1 at max level. The card also has solid speed and hp. That makes this card work a lot better with KELYA FRENDUL as it will make him faster and give him 1 armor. That makes it less likely to miss. 1 armor gives him one back fire, return fire or a melee hit on a sneak or opportunity guy not hurt him. Also on a team that repairs armor, it might just come back. His high HP for cost is also pretty good on a team with triage. As he might be able to be healed to stop a sneak team from getting past him fast. Overall this cheap archer can fight into a lot of teams and still help win a fight.

water devide.png

The Line Up
2022-04-10 20_59_53-Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

This battle was going to be done really fast. Because blast and earthquake are a deadly combo in silver. A few teams have some good flyers but I don't so I picked KELYA FRENDUL for the armor. Also for the faster attacks. Mostly here you can see that I went for fast attackers that have armor or good HP. Kulu Swimhunter has 5 HP so that means with 1 armor he will live for 3 turns if he doesn't get hit before. The last archer was just my best card let and in the blast, snipers can land a big blow. You can watch the full replay here it was a close battle for sure even if it was over pretty quick.

water devide.png

Round 1
2022-04-10 21_00_07-Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

This was going to be an important round. While I have leveled advantage they still have armor and Diemonshark has a lot of it and is going to take some time to kill. Yet my levels and speed do mean I should attack first a lot and this helps out a lot. I was also planning on my Eld maybe dodging an attack. This round went almost perfect for me I didn't miss any attacks except my Deep Lurker and that was a bummer but that flying ice pixie could be trouble to hit. I did get them to miss one attack on my Eld and that helped a lot. By landing my sniper shot I clear out all the armor before round two and with this being an earthquake game that matters a lot.

water devide.png

Round 2
2022-04-10 21_00_42-Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Okay, so here you can see that the armor is gone and we are all going to take the earthquake damage. That means his back row will have a few down at 2 while I will lose my little stonefish. But I still have armor on 2 guys that will allow them to not get hurt this plays out big in this round. It goes lucky that my Eld still has 3 life so the attack from the Diamonshark won't kill him the mage will but he will have done his damage. So the Eld hits then take two hits and dies after that my Kulu and flying squid miss. I thought I had just looked at the battle when the Deep Lurker at lasts a perfect blow on the flying squid and killed it and the demonshark along with tweaking their deep lurker. Then my snipping narwhal lands a blow that kills their Kulu before it can attack and kills the healer before it gets off a heal. Some bad RNG to some perfect hits where my level up monsters win the game for me Unless I can't hit that one flying monster?

water devide.png

Round 3
2022-04-10 21_02_35-Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Okay, so the earthquake is about to kill their deep lurker and my snipping narwhal. So we are going to have both my guys with 3 life vs his Ice Pixes. At this point, the battle could go either way. If one of my guys misses well then I lose as they will be at 2 life and an earthquake will kill them. Now they have equal speed so flying only gives the miss a little advance but still, I wasn't sure I would win. I think a lot of times I might have lost this battle but this time both hit wins the day for me.

water devide.png
2022-04-10 22_00_06-Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

It was not an easy battle. Yet my idea to use monsters with enough HP to last to that round won me the match. If the other team had leveled up cards I think I would have lost this game. But that is why I am buying cards to level up. It helps you win some games when your team might not have been the best. I mean my Kulu having that extra hp and speed really helped me win for sure. Make sure you sign up to player Splinterlands and earn money while you do it.