Okay, it is time to get back into posting. Can't lie the new rewards came out and just playing the game took over. But I won't grow the GoldSteve Account as fast if I don't take a break to share my battles. This week we get to show the Xenith Archer. The new-age natural archer that can fit into just about any team. Those are always fun because you can just play the card when you want to and it makes sense. Make sure you check out the Challenge here if you want to take part in this. All of us can get this card and show how we use it.

2022-07-02 12_12_19-Window.png

The Xenith Archer is a 2 mana cost card. This is why it can fit into a lot of lineups. My summoner is at level 2 but for sure this was a card I also got to level. Good natural cards are key to having a good lineup on all your teams. This card fits in a few different ways. The clear one is the last card on the board with your last 2 mana. It has good hit points to cost. So it can slow down a sneak line and deal with some important hits to finish on monsters as it is slower. It is an archer so it will be a sniper target if it is your first back row ranged. Again it can take 2 hits often. That is the second major use. THen in some cases, it can be used to be the first opportunity target. The card isn't all cannon fodder. If you have a summoner that adds ranged damage it becomes even damage to the cost card or more damage to the cost. It is also helpful to counter that low-level Mylor deck. Let's get to the lineup.


The Line Up
2022-07-02 11_38_02-Window.png

Yup that is right we got a fun 13 mana battle. With melee monsters can attack from anywhere I wanted to use Kelya and the Serpent of Eld I was hoping that he would dodge a lot. With my last 2 mana, I bought out the Xenith Archer. Some might have turned to 2 one cost guys but I didn't have an. My thought here was that one it had armor it would stop any sneak or opportunity guys for at least 2 attacks. I also hoped that maybe it would land a few hits to finish off guys I left just barely alive. Now I ended up going up against a very odd team. They didn't really go for melee rules and instead just went for achers. They have an ooze to counter my speed up. That could be trouble. Yet with no armor on their side and all the 1 health monster, my Xenith archer might just deal some perfect blows. You can watch the full replay here to see what happened or just keep reading.


Round 1
2022-07-02 11_38_17-Window.png

With the armor and speed buff and slow in place we can go over the battle a bit more. THey have a sniper but my Xenith Archer is a good counter with my 1 armor and 3 hp even with the boosted damage it would take 3 rounds to kill my Xenith Archer. The major fight is going to be with the Peacekeeper and the Serpent. Can I doge or will that 3 damage kill him off before I can kill off his protection? If there are no missing due to order of attack my Eld would have all armor gone but both the Scrapper and Chicken will die. I should be good but let's see what happens. I hit all my attacks and and the Lensmaster hits his but the dodge chance hits and the Peacekeeper misses a key attack.


Round 2
2022-07-02 11_38_34-Window.png

With that miss I still have armor and that is a major plus. Now it is pretty clear that my place is going to work out. Due to speed and levels, my guys attack first. See playing level 1s can cost you because now the sniper won't get off an attack this round. The Peacemaker is the only one that gets to even shoot on the other team and missed again. Proving that my idea is working out well even if I am dodge archers and not merely guys as I thought. As a super cool bonus, the Xenith Archer kills off the Lensmaster this round always funny when a super cheap card kills off super expensive ones.


Round 3
2022-07-02 11_39_23-Window.png

This fight is over. It will take me one extra round but the other side won't even get to fight back this round. The Peacemaker will force a round 4 but don't think you need to see that well it is clear that the Serpent of the eld was too much for them but the Xenith archer landing all 3 attacks was very helpful as it stopped them from having some extra attacks to try and get him.


2022-07-02 11_58_07-Window.png

When you see that first look at the battle to come I am sure it looks like I am trouble. My two guys are way outnumbered. Yet in the end, it was pretty much a perfect victory. I mean I guess they broke some of my armor lol. Make sign up to play Splinterlands and earn money while you do it. On and blog about that also.


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