'Majik Empire' - New Original Music - Adding to Yesterday's Idea (Perhaps Too Many Layers, We'll See) - Orchestra/Instrumental + Walkthrough


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So as you can see in the above shot,

Track 9, Clarinets
I added quite a bit to the idea from yesterday; overall I'm happy with the general form, though I think at times, I added too many layers doing too many things, so I will probably save an alternate copy and simplify some of these. I tried incorporating some of the Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra instruments, including clarinets, bass trombones, and cymbals, along with the Albion instruments, and the Spitfire string and brass quartets. Overall, they work, but the bass trombones probably need to be tweaked, thats a spot where I went a little too wild with the alternate lines, so I'll have to play around with things. The drums are a bit too loud still, though after adding a saturator and an EQ with the high end pushed up, they cut through better, so if needed I'll accentuate that with a lower volume, and not lose much except for them drowning out the other tracks. Track 8, the Brass Quartet instrument, now plays over the break with a new line, which turned out pretty cool; it accents the F# in the line, which has a sort of James Bond-y vibe for that little bit, hehe. Track 14 also adds another percussion track, with some brushed hits, which add to the high-end a bit, and help build things up more. I also want to find some good cymbal washes to use to crescendo into and out of the break, so I'll need to look around and see what I find!

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 9.20.25 PM.png

Track 11, Bass Trombones

Listen to Majik Empire here...

Hope you enjoy!

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