'The Order of the Silvershield' - New Original Music - Playing w/ Albion Orchestral Instruments, for a Splinterlands Inspired Idea


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So I was playing with some Albion

Track 11 Staccato Horns
orchestral sounds last night, and started layering them, and wound up with this. I wanted something sort of epic; I was imagining Splinterlands battles, with the Life Splinter's Order of the Silver Shield marching to battle... this isn't the exact vibe, it's a little too happy, and I dunno if I love the progression in its entirety, but parts of it I dig, and it was a good experiment with these instruments, allowing me to get a bit more familiar with how Albion stuff works. There are two parts, the A part (where all the tracks play, in Brown in Track 2), with an A part variation where only Tracks 5, 6 and 7 play, and the B part (in Blue in Track 2). The basic progression in the A part is built around our tonic of Eb, moving between Eb and Ab to Eb 2x, then Db, Ab and Eb, before the end, Cmin, Ab, Bb and Eb. The B part changes to Cmin, Fmin, and Gmin 2x, then holds a Bb, before returning to the A part. My favorite part of this idea is definitely the percussion... these drums/percussion sounds from Albion are AWESOME, and definitely give that epic, soundtracky, movie trailer vibe... in fact I'm sure they're used in trailers, haha, as I've definitely heard them before. Overall, not my favorite idea ever, but it was a good experiment with these sounds. I will definitely be using them a lot more, and hopefully creating some epic tunes.

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Tracks 2 and 3, Strings and Horns

Listen to The Order of the Silvershield here...

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Track 5, Staccato Strings

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