Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! Brawl analysis and spotting the best card of this brawl! (19/4)



I love brawls! So here I will show my brawl games and at the end of each post, I will analyze my best monster.
So with no further ado

🛡️⚔️ Let's check on the brawl personal outcome ⚔️🛡️

I chose to play in Fray 5 because most of the times i get what is left (Last minute to pick as always) 🤷🤷🤷
🥉🥉🥉The Fray 5 had only Chaos cards allowed on bronze level. 🥉🥉🥉
I won 4 and lost 3.
Not the best brawl for me.😅😅😅

⚔️🛡Let the Battles Commence⚔️🛡

Aimless is a tricky one. I don't like playing with luck. So i minimized it with my line. I tried to target my fire power on the opponent's last card and i won.

Same strategy but i messed up the line putting my glad at the second before the end position.. Big mistake

The opponent had probably one of the two only summoners that could stop my double glad strategy.

This time i think that i was lucky of what my enemy lined up. My gladiator got the upper hand and so i won easily.

I couldn't win this game as i didn't have any life cards to work with. I tried but the enemy was well prepared

Here i encountered wisely the magic line up with my summoner. It was easy to read that the enemy will try to use magic since we have low mana monsters and Armored Up attributes. That was an easy win.

BATTLE 7(fled)


🤑Tips to lower the rental cost for brawling🤑

We don't need to rent all cards for the brawl, Some tips which will be explained are given below :

  • Understand the ruleset, mana & splinter properly, and rent cards according to
    the ruleset only
  • Think to counter the opponent's gladius cards
  • Think simply about how to counter opponent gladius cards using common cards

❤️❤️ My MVP card ❤️❤️


Riftwings are drawn to splinters and rifts. They feed off their energy and grow larger the closer they live to a portal. The Chaos Legion uses them as a means to locate rifts. In war, they are utilized as scouts, providing valuable information and as a way to harass/distract enemy forces, thereby slowing them down. The sky over the battlefield was suddenly filled with an onslaught of arrows. Armored archers fired all at once, aiming for the creatures in the sky. The Riftwings of the Chaos Legion.

But as the arrows neared their targets, the Riftwings flapped their wings rapidly. A surge of wind kicked up, sending the arrows wide. Several of the weapons spun out of control, impaling the archers on the ground. Killed by their own attacks.

The screams began as the Riftwings dove down, following the path of the arrows. Descending on the corpses, it was a feast of blood and flesh.

🤔Why this card??🤔

The fact that this card has backfire with that speed and being a flying type makes it a powerful low mana tank. Headmills with Thaddius make it eve stronger!


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