dCrops proposal for collaboration with Splinterlands to bring IN limited edition #NFT is almost PASS - My Strategy Ahead...

Hey All,

I have been part of the dCrops during the Pre-Sale promotion and had purchased nearly 200 Packs when each card pack was priced at approximately $1, and these packs could be acquired using #HIVE only. And to date I #HODL all the cards in the game which I normally use for farming #dCrops in the game. Here is the snapshot of all the cards that I #HODL...


Before we delve any further it become imperative to give a brief information about what dCrops is all about. Here is the image that speaks for itself::

dCrops is a blockchain based farming simulation game which runs on top of the Hive blockchain. Start with owning a far, plant a seed in your plots and harvest your crops in the form of #CROP tokens which is in the in game currency token. One can either sell #CROP to swap for #HIVE or use it to buy in game assets or other NFT cards from internal market. On an average every season which is like 15 days I am able to earn 10 to 15 #HIVE. I have two options either reinvest in the game or add a liquidity for #CROP and earn more passive income OR just swap it for another token and do what you like doing. To be honest as of now I swap it for #HIVE. So that was me with dCrops and my investment in the game.

dCrops proposal for collaboration with Splinterlands - almost a PASS...

First thing first - if you are dCrop or Splinterlands game lover then I guess you should definitely vote YES for the proposal as there is no harm to any of the game and there is a nominal contribution of $1 from the Splinterlands DAO, symbolizing their vested interest in dCrop collaborative journey. In case you are interested to vote for the proposal then you can still do it as there are three more days left and you can vote here

In exchange for the contribution of $1, we will hold a sale of a limited edition NFT while taking DEC at its pegged value of $0.001.

The best part about this collaboration is that there will be only 10K NFT be sold and that to with #DEC at its pegged value of $0.001 for 25K DEC - and further the beauty is that all the #DEC collected assuming all 10K NFTs are sold then 25 Million #DEC would be burned. Let the DEC burn the more its burned the better it is for the game Splinterlands. With regards to my strategy for this participation then - Yes, I am looking forward to grab one of this limited edition

Olive Tree NFT - The Olive Tree will be sold in a fully mature state, which means you don't need to plant it in a legendary plot, and will be usable right out of the box. At one point you get the legendary plot and on other side one need not plant anything as it is being sold all matured so that you get 2 Olives every day. The share value of Olives would be 4 shares each.

What's special about the Olive Tree is that apart from sunflowers it is the only other way to craft oil in the game. Oil is a valuable ingredient that is used in a bunch of cooking and crafting recipes.

Also there is more good news and I am excited about this as I have many spare plots which I would be able to use now since we would be getting extra 50 Mystery Seeds per NFT purchased so with this I would be able to use my spare plots for farming. And finally there is a bit more to it which is with Olive Tree is the only other way to craft oil in the game. Oil is a valuable ingredient that is used in a bunch of cooking and crafting recipes. So its definitely going to be valuable deal in the game moving forward. And just to let you know on the SALE of the Olive Tree NFT the here is the information::

The sale will be held on 20th January, 2024. It will last for a period of 2 weeks.

Have Your SAY on #dCrops in general...

What cards did you get? Were you lucky to have some legendary cards and still #HODL them? Are you accumulating #CROP Vs Selling it for another token? Let me know your views in the comment box below?...cheers

dCrops proposal for collaboration with Splinterlands to bring IN limited edition #NFT is almost PASS...

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Image Credits:: dcrops, beeswap, pro canva, splinterlands

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PS:- None of the above is a FINANCIAL Advice. Please DYOR; Do your own research. I've an interest in Blockchain & Cryptos and have been investing in many emerging projects...



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