How many Chaos Legion Pack Vouchers you will received?

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Last week splinterland team publisha post on Chaos Legion Set & Presale Info
The total no of packs planned for release is 15M. The total quantity is 15 times the quantity of Untamed series. The price of the pack is $4 per pack. Which is more then the previous packs.
As per the post the increase in price is to make sure the value of the pervious pack cards. Their is also bonus packs for bulk purchase as below :-
100 - 499 - 10% additional pack bonus
500 - 1999 - 15% additional pack bonus
2000+ - 20% additional pack bonus


Another major update of the Pre-Sale is the Voucher system.
players will also need to spend a new VOUCHER token for each Chaos Legion presale pack they wish to purchase.
The number of VOUCHER a player will received is all depends on the no of SPS he staked. That means the more the SPS you staked more the VOUCHER you will received.
Initially I planned for 350 packs purchase form the Pre- Sale.
Jus to get an idea how many received I will received I have done a quick calculation.

Total Vouchers for Pre-Sale1000000.00
Per day Vouchers for Pre-Sale33333.33
Total number of Staked SPS105526600.00
Voucher per staked SPS0.00032
SPS Staked in guurry123 account19564.00
Voucher per Day6.18
In a month185.39

The calculation are based on the data as on date 29/09/2021.
It is very clear that I will not get the vouchers sufficient for the 350 packs. I am staked all SPS earnings and to get more vouchers I have to stake more SPS or other option is to buy the Vouchers from the market. We can not predict the price of Vouchers now.

The calculation will change as the no for staked SPS will change every day. The basic calculation will remain the same.

Why to participate in Pre-Sale

The packs purchased in Pre-Sale comes with some additional rewards. First benefit is that the pack purchased will be eligible for the all 13 new cards that will be airdropped every time. Please note that the first airdrop will be limited to the first 1M packs only.
Second reward is he special promo cards. The pre sale packs has a chance of receiving a special limited-edition promo card which will not be available in packs afterwards.

So what your plan for the Pre-Sale?

Let me know in comment section.

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